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Morning, Zonk. I feel all happy and fuzzy and slippy today. Like a noodle in warm gravy. Because I’ve been going through a long dry spell of the music kind and I just broke it yesterday. I wrote one new song, finished parts for another, and in general played a lot. All day, in fact. Which is why I did no work at all and I’ll pay for it with a depressed day really soon, but o well. At least I know now that I haven’t lost my ear for sound and my head for making it. My fingertips feel like they are slowly and painfully disintegrating and I suspect I’ll have to eat my lunch with a spoon today, but it’s a small price.

Also, I woke up at 7 a.m. today, played more guitar, took a shower, and started work on one of my several long-neglected projects. Feels awesome :)

In other news, a lady mailed me today saying she has a dental clinic and needs a wall painted. The wall’s 9 x 10ft. Which is roughly the area that would be covered if I gathered 18 people of my size and made them stand in two lines of 9 people each, one on top of the other.

I’d sworn off walls for good after the last one I did, Zonk. Because walls are just too fucking big and I’m sort of small and easily overwhelmed. Plus, I don’t like to share work with other people. Because I don’t trust anyone with my own work, or trust myself to know enough to direct others. If someone did something ugly, I wouldn’t even be able to tell them it’s ugly. I’d have to smile and say it’s not what I expected but it’s nice anyway and then I’d have to make up a story about why I don’t need help anymore and then do it all over again myself. So a wall that’s 9 x 10ft. is going to be fucking painful.

But on the other hand, I am fucking broke. I haven’t seen anything more than a hundred rupee note in ages. I could charge on a per square foot basis for a wall. And on a wall that big, there’s going to be loads of square feet..

At this point in the post I got distracted by an image of Square Feet and wasted the rest of my work-time-before-Tink-returns-from-school on a silly illustration. Sigh.

(That was ages ago. I uploaded the image, picked Tink up from the bus stop, went to my sisters place, gave him lunch, had my own lunch, washed the dishes, and came back home. Several hours have passed now. This is all just fyi, in case you want to sympathize with how housewifely my life has become. I miss my mother. Come back soon, Mother. *wails*)

And now I should go work. But before I leave. The wall…you think I should take it up? It’d be nice to have somewhere to go work at everyday for bit too..but then it’s huge.


Much Love From A Has-been Noodle,


2 thoughts on “Has-been Noodle

  1. Thank you :)
    But. The wall won’t happen after all :| The lady is a dentist and her practice starts on 1st December so she needs it done before that.
    Not possible. I told her I can’t do it :| And I just paid my net bill and my account balance is back to below minimum.

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