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The Violin Maker

I got my third surprise package yesterday. In the wishlist I emailed to the guy, I’d told him that I love books that are about music and that An Equal Music changed my life in some strange way.
He sent a book called The Violin Maker, which is about a musician-author and a luthier and the birth of a violin..

I am, as you already know, obsessed with the idea of violins..
And so it is that strangers touch our lives in ways I doubt even they can fathom. Who makes these things happen? This will be my third-book-I-ever-read that is about violins. The other two I love in ways I cannot explain. I think this one is turning out to be almost as beautiful too.

‘Building a violin begins in butchery and ends in surgery.’
– John Marchese


2 thoughts on “The Violin Maker

    • I haven’t read that one. The Violin Maker is really good, but only if you don’t mind intricate details about violin building.
      The other books: An Equal Music. It is by far the loveliest book I’ve ever read. Again, you will probably get bored if you don’t like detailed descriptions of the music. He goes into detail, notation and stuff. I don’t know any music theory myself but I like to read about it. If you check my tags, you’ll see ‘An Equal Music’. Click on it and you’ll find quite a few excerpts that I’ve typed up at some point.
      And then there was The Mozart Season. It’s supposed to be children’s literature, but I really think it’s too much for a child. It’s a beautiful story, and I’ve wanted a violin ever since I read it many years ago.
      I still don’t have a violin :)

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