Stupid MSRTC

The most awesome thing about going to places like Pune, Zonk, is the bus journey. You get to sit in the window seat of an awesome volvo and listen to music and read and sleep. And feel cold. I was all prepared for it, Zonk. I wore socks and everything. I even got Two sweatshirts because it gets real cold in the volvo.

Which is why it sucks that I’m sitting in an ST bus right now. I’d tell you more but it sucks to use the shift key to make capital letters on my phone.

Stupid MSRTC :|


5 thoughts on “Stupid MSRTC

  1. Pune counts as out of the city if you’re going alone. Oh, and most phones will capitalise the letter if you hold down the key for about half a second. It’s easier than pressing shift all the time.

  2. I know. It counts as out of the city even if I’m going with someone, even if it’s only for half a day, doesn’t it? (Please say it does.) And I will try that thing for caps.
    Ps: I have the most awesome story ever. I’ll tell you later.

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