How I Just Saved Your Eyes

So my sister just set up her brand new blog on wordpress a few days ago. I helped her find a theme and everything, and of course that reminded me of how shit my own theme was. It was awesome when I’d picked it, but the more I learned about wordpress, Zonk, the more I hated the limitations on my blog. My theme had barely any widgets, and yes it had a colour scheme I liked and everything, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t sort of suck, what with it’s tiny font and stuck-together lists and everything..

The theme I actually want is beautiful, but it’s not available on wordpress.com. So someday I’ll get my own domain and set it up there. Until then, I got the next best theme. It lacks separations and I really love separations, but still, it’s a cool theme. At least I know that next time you go to your optician he won’t spoon your eyes out and and put them in a jar labelled ‘Rendered Useless Due To Excessive Reading Of Badly Designed Blog’. Remember me when that does not happen, Zonk. Every time you remember me in the context of your still-unimpaired vision, I gain a kilo. So be nice. Read my blog. Go to your optician, check that your eyes are A-Okay, and think ‘Kitu’. The more often you do it, the sooner I’ll fulfill my personal goal of reaching the 50kg-mark.


But seriously, Zonk, I like this theme because I can have a proper navigation menu, display links on my homepage to blogs and sites I regularly visit, and featured posts and images. I’m not sure if I like this displaying of excerpts on the homepage rather than whole posts..I’ll have to spend some time with it and then decide.

Also, on the top right part of the homepage, next to the featured image, you’ll find a Random Advice Generator that I can update anytime I want to. Which means I won’t have to embed advice in posts anymore woohoo! :) I’ve always wanted a Random Advice Generator on my blog.

Now, I need you to tell me if you like this new theme of mine, or if you think I should switch back to the old one. Also, if you can think of anything that can go under the Random Advice Generator, anything I can add, do tell me. The Top Post thing is temp. I will replace that with something funner eventually.

So tell me. Please do. It will take you less than a minute.

Your’s ephemerally,


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