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Nannou, among other things

I finished my first artwork of the digital kind yesterday. It took me three days of very constant work, the kind that I’m not really used to, but it’s done and I think I quite like it. For a first attempt it’s nicer than I could have hoped for..

And just in case you care, it’s a mixed media thing. I’ve morphed an old painting of mine with a stock image of a random male face..

That’s a WIP picture. It’s done for all practical purposes, practical purposes being a submission for my shit class that didn’t get done today anyway, in spite of my having gotten everything ready in advance. All I have to do now is pick between two colour options I have for the face.
I might change things around and add more to it in the next few days of course. Or end up not liking it after all and start from scratch. Or print it out and throw it away and buy roasted peanuts from roadside vendors for a month in the hope of finding it again.
These things happen.

In any case, I’ve worked a lot in the past three days. And so it was that when today came along, it felt like it should be a do-nothing day.

I did nothing. I watched a pathetic Ashton Kutcher  movie, and How I Met Your Mother, and Master Chef India. I sat on my sofa all day. I ate fried foods. I walked around with half-opened eyes on a general basis because it is more do-nothing than fully opening them. You must think I had a riot.

I didn’t.

And  I still don’t have any apps on my phone. If this doesn’t work out soon I’m afraid I’ll lose interest and then I’ll never have a torch on my phone or a mosquito repellent. What a waste of awesome apps. And of all my hours of frenzied googling.


1:13am. And I’ll be up till 2 tonight, I think.
Anybody here right now? As in tonight, the 13th of November before 2am? Anybody?
Fat chance. But just in case you are, Zonk. Say Hello. It’ll help my mood a little. And I’ll say hello to you in cyberspace if ever there’s a chance that it will help yours..

Fuck it. I’ll be off to roam the internet for approximately 42 minutes now. Goodnight sleep tight don’t let the mindrot bite.


11 thoughts on “Nannou, among other things

  1. Thank you :)
    Why is it confusing? Only the featured post is confusing..the others all have “read more” buttons. Think of all the cooler things this post has. Like see how your own blog’s link is on my home page. AND THE RANDOM ADVICE GENERATOR! Also, the font size and spacing is so much better..on the whole don’t you think this one’s better?

    • Yes, yes, the random advice generator is awesome but I don’t see a “read more” on the first two posts which is why i was confused. This is better, but it’s too white. It’s intimidatingly white. I’ll let you know how much traffic you generate to my blog.

    • I can tell everytime someone comes there from here if I keep checking it every week. I’ll can’t really tell if it’s you or someone else unless they’re not from India or not using chrome. I think there have been two so far.

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