How YOU can make my life mosquito-free

Good day, Zonk. I was really in the mood to make a morning post today, but I had to leave for shitty class where they taught me a few more things I already know, so I had to leave it for later.

Moving on. Now that I have a cool phone, I’m looking for useful apps to download. And I’ve learnt that there’s boatloads of them on the internet, but only if you have a fancy ass high end phone. Which I don’t. I have a phone that can just about support apps. And everytime I try to google it I get linked to a lot of free games. Which is awesome, except I don’t want games. Because I don’t play games. I’ve never even checked out games on any of my phones, except Snake on my first phone, and then this game on my sister’s old phone which was all about photographing fish. (Just so you know, I’m a Pro at photographing fish. I even considered it as a career option but turns out there’s not much money to be made in the photo-fish business. O well.)

In any case, the only apps that google turned out were annoying pointless things like PDF and video converters that I’m never going to use. I was pretty much giving up on the whole thing, but then I checked yahoo answers and found a link to this site that looks only partially dubious. It’s got quite a lot of stuff that I’m hoping will work on my phone. Time to make a list of awesome apps I’ve found so far.

List Of Awesome Apps I’ve Found So Far

  1. Mobile Torch: to convert my phone into a torch.
  2. Nightwatchman: it leaves the clock on all night, without consuming much battery.
  3. My World: An awesome GPS tracker that works only on Nokia phones so I have no idea why it’s in the Samsung section.
  4. M-indicator: which claims it’ll tell you all train timings, bus fares etc in Bombay. I have my doubts.
  5. Anti-gnat: to keep mosquitoes away.
  6. A lot of GPS apps, but C says you can’t download GPS. Which makes me wonder if any of these apps are going to work..

Now the thing is; I don’t know how to install this stuff..I tried a lot of things but something’s wrong and I can’t figure out what. I tried googling yesterday, but didn’t find anything. Or maybe I was just sleepy.

In any case, Zonk, the techies among you, please help. I’m not sure what format I need and stuff. All these files are called .jar or something. And there are no instructions anywhere. My Samsung PC Studio thing is either crazy complicated, or seriously malfunctioning. And I really want to turn my phone super-awesome map-making time-telling mosquito-repelling torch. I’m sure it can be done. Please help!

Love from the verge-of-major-technological-breakthroughs,

Random Advice: Be Smooth.


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