Evening, O Oldest Of Friends. It’s almost a week since my last post and that’s rare for me, seeing as I have a Condition that renders me susceptible to Obsessions Of The Blogging Kind. I’ve been here a couple of times though. I’ve started writing and then saved drafts and signed out. I’ve really had a lot to share but I don’t know..maybe it’s a blogger’s block of some sort. I hope it goes away soon. Because tomorrow is my birthday and I need to be able to write about it.

Anyway. I suppose most of you here have already seen this. But on the off-chance that there’s someone here who hasn’t been spammed already, I made my very first t-shirt design and it’s up for voting for two more days on threadless. There’s a lot of designs on threadless that are too awesome for me to try and compete with in a lifetime of trying. But there’s some that are alright, and some that are pretty pathetic. It’s those that I’m hoping to get picked over B-) And of course the chances of getting printed are slim. But if it does happen, Zonk, I’ll be rich. I’ll get myself a brand new comp. And I really need a brand new comp. Also, it’ll just be nice to have some money for once. But lets not go there now. Here’s the link to the t-shirt; please vote for it if you haven’t already, and get your friends to vote for it if you really like it. Leave a comment. Check the little ‘I’d Buy This‘ box. Give my design some loving. Who knows. It might all amount to something someday.

I’m supposed to have embedded some code or something in this to link to the threadless page. But I couldn’t figure it out. So I’ve just put in the picture  itself, and it links to the threadless page when you click on it. Or else, just click on this link.

And now I think I’ll go read my book again. That’s all I’ve done all day today, fyi. I’m fidgety and jumpy these days and I have the attention span of a fruit fly. Because Things have been happening that I really should be telling you about but I won’t because I’d much rather not speak too soon. But I’ve been excited about them, and happy, and all that awesomeness comes with a downside: I can’t get any work done.

I hate that I’m blogging after a week and all I can turn out is an Updater. I’m sorry Zonk. I try. I really do. So forgive me for the boredom on this blog. I’ll be back with a Real Post soon. Ish. I hope. Until then,

Your’s Regretfully,
– K.

Ps: Please wish me tomorrow, Zonk. It will make me feel happy.



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  1. Thank you Rahul :) You are the first and only person to wish me on the blog, so I forgive you for seing Dave live. And no. Because I didn’t get to practice before it :| I really did try though this time.

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