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The Awesome

Morning, O Starers At Screens. It’s twelve-oh-two in the afternoon and I hope you’re up by now and being bright and businesslike about things. Because I most certainly am. I feel shiny as a brand new blade I feel all full of zingg!
I feel Awesome.


Why so shiny today you ask? Sit down real quick and I’ll tell you all about it. I got paid yesterday, you see. 10 grand. That’s a lot of money if you’ve been living on a hundred bucks a week for as long as I have. But I’ve been paid before and I always end up broke in under ten days anyway and wonder where it all went to. And I don’t want that again, so I’ve decided it’s time I keep an account of where my meagre earnings go to.

(On an aside, I also feel shiny because I used flipkart for the first time ever yesterday and it’s insane. I got two books by Douglas Adams, which is not a clever buy at all but oh well, and they cost me less than 600 bucks together. Shipping is free, and I get to pay cash on delivery instead of straight up if I like.)

Anyway, in case you want to know, I’ve spent just over a thousand so far, and I’ve got:

  1. 2 books from flipkart
  2. Stationery for Tink: it’s vacation time and he needs to keep busy a little. So I’m helping him improve his handwriting and his math skills. Both suck, looks like he takes after me. Sigh. I’m also going to teach him to colour better, and ride a bike without training wheels. I’ve already told the cycle guy to get the training wheels off and make the brakes more easy to use. Anyway, this is what Tink gets for the vacations.
    1 square lined notebook
    1 4-lined notebook
    1 drawing book
    1 set plastic crayons
    1 watercolour set

I’ve used 6000 more, but I haven’t spent it, I’ve only lent it. It should be back soon. I also found an awesome unused spiral notepad that Shashank had given me long ago. It’s tiny and purple with a dog on the cover, and the paper’s all handmade.

I love new stationery. I just got done writing my accounts in it, and I think it could be a thing. I think I could write accounts in my purple notepad with handmade paper all the time.

It’s like I’m a whole new person that knows exactly how my money goes.

And it feels Awesome B-)


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