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So. The Art Conspiracy ends.

And I get voted Best Artist at Cafe Goa.

I GOT VOTED BEST ARTIST AT CAFE GOA!!! I am kicked, Zonk. This is the first time I entered artwork in an event and I was kicked to make it to the finals. I didn’t even think that I’d get voted anything.

I went running back to Bandra when I heard I’d won Best Artist for my venue and they’d announce it in a bit. I got lost and paid the guy 160 bucks for a ride that shouldn’t have cost more than a 100, and they didn’t even do anything except call out names. They didn’t even check to see if the people they were naming were there. I could have gone straight home and saved a lot of money. But I’m glad I didn’t. Because the whole returning-to-Bandra thing got me pretty late, so I got to take a Meru home and eat maggi in celebration.


Tomorrow they put a list up on facebook. I really hope I’ve won some money,  but I doubt I’ll get anything at all. And strange though it sounds, I couldn’t care less. Sometimes it’s enough to just know that someone out there thinks you’re worth something.

And so it is that my first ever painting to be exhibited anywhere does me proud. Who knows if more will find their way into little spotlights someday. Maybe they will and maybe not. But I feel positive tonight. After all, I just got voted Best Artist at Cafe Goa :D And so I’m thinking that who knows, perhaps things will work out fine after all.

It will be crazy. It will be awesome.
It will.


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  1. You played a gig at Blue Frog, got voted best artist here, got a driver’s license, earned a decent amount of money by painting things, AND you met me. Being 21 seems like it went well, doesn’t it?

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