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It’s a bird it’s a plane it’s a Kitu with a painted canvas


I know it’s rude to shout and stuff, Zonk, I’m a very well mannered person in general but I really need to shout today because I’m so fucking happy!

And I’m breaking my rule about exclamation points. But can’t be helped, My Favourite Person Because I’m So Happy. I’m happier today than I’ve been since the day I woke up and put the TV on and found No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency playing.  And if that’s actually true I need to really go kill myself but I’m pretty sure that’s one of those random lies I leave lying around on the blog to make everything more dramatic. I’ll have a think about it later and make sure if that really was the happiest I’ve been up until now.

Anyway. I’ve been working on this canvas for quite a while now. Three weeks almost, I think.. and this is not counting all the time between making the initial sketch and transferring it to the canvas..Now it’s finally done and for once I’m satisfied with how a commission turned out.I feel light, Zonk. Like I could do no work for three days and still feel no guilt. I feel like a rainbow I feel like a bird. Next canvas I paint I’ll put a bird on it. I’ll make it tiny and give it massive wings but it still won’t fly like me because that’s how awesomely light and fly-ey I feel.

I never thought I’d end up a painter but I did, and I really love to paint. It’s the only thing to do sometimes; when you’re afraid or unhappy or sure something’s going to snap before the night is done. It calms you down because painting is a pretty much mechanical activity, and repetitive. Keep doing something mechanical over and over again and you really stop thinking at all. A blank mind’s a safe place, Zonk. Painting’s zen.

And still it makes me depressed when I have a commission on my hands for too long. Because it’s too much pressure to know that you’ve got to get a canvas done soon because someone’s buying it from you and it better be perfect and they better like it and how long are you going to take and stuff like that. Which is why, when I finally get done with a commission, I feel like a million exploding suns. Well. Not always, but today I do, because I really like how this turned out for once. *hugs everyone on this page*

And now we get down to business. I get paid soon. And this time it better not all vanish in two weeks. So now I need to make a List of Things I Really Need To Spend Money On.

List of Things I Really Need To Spend Money On.

  1. New ipod : Rs. 3000
  2. New headphones : Rs. 300
  3. Tickets to Delhi and back : Rs. 1500?
  4. Delhi money : Rs. 3000
  5. Sister’s birthday : Rs. 1000


Okay. I’m left with Rs.1200..


I should have waited till tomorrow to make stupid lists.

Stupid Universe..

Anyway. Here’s some pics I took of Giant Canvas with my shitty camera phone. I won’t put it up on the Art page because it’s terrible photography. I’ll get a proper pic somehow..and put that one up everywhere that counts..For now:


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