Extra Extra

Hello Zonk. I’ve been screwing around with my blog a bit, and I’ve added some Stuff to it. Please check out the Stuff. The Stuff makes me happy.

The Stuff

  1. Pages. There’s About (because I’ve decided it’s time I learnt to write about myself) and Art (where I’ll upload all my artwork from now on).
  2. Inkscape. That’s a menu I’ve created. This stupid theme doesn’t support menus, so it’s going to have to stay in the sidebar. I’ve put it right on top of everything else though, so hopefully it’s noticeable. Notice how I also put a link to the blog itself in the menu. I feel clever and also a little redundant.
    Also, the About button doesn’t actually link to the About Page. I’ve made it link to the gravatar profile page where I’ve updated the about section. That way there’s a picture, an email id, and a write up; plus links.
  3. Links. I’ve put up links on my profile to all the blogs and sites I follow regularly (or intend to follow in the case of two brand new photography blogs and epicwhale). Which is the main reason I’ve linked the About button to the gravatar profile page instead of to the About page itself. It didn’t make much sense to have “About” and “Profile” on the menu. So I just mashed it all into the profile and named it About..I think I’m a little confused now. Please do go look at the links, Zonk. Some of them are old news and big blogs. Like dA and postsecret and the Oatmeal and Hyperbole. But some are awesomely written personal blogs of people as little known as you and me. Some are things that are only just starting up. But they will be big someday soon. I can feel it in my bones..


Do you think there’s anything more I need to add to this blog? Tell me if you think of something. I’m trying to make my own theme now, it will take AGES of course. But if it’s something cool or crucial and I can’t add it here, I’ll do it there.



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