Out There Be Monsters

Happy Sunday, Zonk. I wonder if any of you use deviantart on a regular basis. dA is awesome: there’s artists so good you’ll want to kill them. (This is off topic, but since we are talking about dA, if you do happen to go there right about now, please go check out Zancan, David Geoffroy, Xiaocaca, Allison Torneros, Suraud and Andy Brase. You will want to pluck your eyes out and put them away in a little box in a corner of your cupboard because some artwork is too awesome for us to behold without wanting to do drastic things to our faces. Actually, I don’t even care if you don’t check out the last three artists I named. But please check out the first three, Zonk. Or at least go look at Zancan.)

So I was saying, dA is awesome for its collection of godly artists. It is also awesome because it is Wise. Go to the site, Zonk. Go to any artist who’s linking you to his facebook page or website or twitter. Click on the link and see where it leads you.

It won’t take you to the linked site straightaway. It’ll take you to this page. Be warned! Out there be monsters.

Such is the wisdom of deviantart. Because out there do be monsters. The internet is a giant place and it’s got its share of scum. If I was a techie I’d invent a scum filter. A monster filter. It probably already exists and has a cooler name and I don’t know about it because I’m pathetically ill-informed about these things. But if it doesn’t exist, Zonk, then I think the techies among you should think of inventing it. I think it would sell. You could be famous. You could retire and move to Hawaii. You could owe your success to me and I could still be a struggling young artist/nonsense blogger because otherwise the story would suck. We could make History. And monster filters, of course.

It is not like me to talk about monsters, I know. I’m not the paranoid type in general, but I’m wiser now than I was a day or so ago, and I’m beginning to think that I should maybe take the sunshine out of my personality and mean up a bit. Because this is the in-ter-net and Out There Be Monsters.

What an eventful weekend this is turning out to be, Zonk. Its only Sunday morning still and I already have my newfound Wisdom, this Sad Psycho sweatshirt, and the ability to try making my own blog theme (thank you, C). You do know that this entire paragraph is quite unnecessary and it’s only here so you all can see my awesome new Sad Psycho Sweatshirt. I don’t know if you know this about me, Zonk, but I’m a sweatshirt person. I collect sweatshirts. So far I have:

  1. 1 black sweatshirt for AC buses and theatres in the summer.
  2. 1 black sweatshirt for actual cold weather.
  3. 1 giant dark blue sweatshirt for sitting at home in cold weather.
  4. 2 100-buck pullover sweatshirts that I can’t wear anymore.
  5. 1 grey sweatshirt for parties and such. (Yes I do party in sweatshirts I’m not much of an eye catcher at parties.)

Now. Just in case you don’t think information about my wardrobe counts as a useful or entertaining blog post, I’ll leave you with some advice. Actually I’ll leave you with 2 advices. And while “advices” sounds like a word that shouldn’t exist, it actually does exist. I checked. So here’s the Obvious Advice at the end of this particular post : Be wary on the internet. OUT THERE BE MONSTERS!

But the obvious advice is quite lame. So I’m going to go get my Random Advice Generator and we’ll see what it spits up today.

Random Advice : You Can’t Put Two Earthworms In One Spacesuit.

Ah yes. Of course..


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