I took my nephew to the doctor yesterday. He had these small eruptions that looked like mosquito bites on his elbows and knees, and he told me it was because Honeybee bit him, and Honeybee is very naughty boy. I asked how he was so sure the honeybee wasn’t a girl, and he was pretty clear about it:

“Because, ee (he) not wear clip on head”.

Later he told me that Krishna is a girl-god. “Because ee has blue clip on head”. I tried to explain that Krishna wears a feather in his hair, not a clip. But apparently feathers are just a type of clip.

:) How can I fault his logic. I actually kind of like his system of classification. It’s really simple and there are no messy in-betweens and question marks. Tink will never be fazed by hermaphrodites or transexuals. There is no question of identifying things wrong or calling people fags. Just check for a clip in everything’s hair and nobody’ll ever be offended.

Fyi, he also believes that when I push the parking light button in his car, “post office will come on the road”. And the button labelled TRIP will replace it with a dog.

Think about it, Zonk. Only in the awesomest of worlds can you push a button to pick your scenery and change your gender with your hairdo. It could have been so easy.

Sometimes I wish God was a five year old.


6 thoughts on “Easy

  1. also, you have been blogging a lot! i just visited and realized its you from your email id. u never blogged so much on vox. when did u move to wordpress? anyway. the move seems to have suited you. nice blog :) i will read more at night.

  2. krupa says:

    True Kitu…life is that simple and super cool (“post office will come on the road” whenever u want it to by pushing a button in ur car)for Tink and all babies alike…that’s wat sets them apart from the rest of the judgmental world…
    really wish God was 5 or younger :P

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