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Thank you Universe, for giving us Apple.

I love Apple.

I know I keep telling you I’m a poor person, Zonk. But my family’s always been really nice to me. So I got an ipod nano many years ago for doing awesomely in my 12th boards. That got flicked eventually. After which, my sister bought me a new ipod nano for my birthday 2 years ago. Now that was November ’08. 4th November 2008, to be precise.

I used Mojo Jojo II everyday of my life while I was still in college. But then I graduated and got worthless and stopped spending so much of the day in commute. So I stopped spending time with Mojo Jojo II. Which kind of killed him. I didn’t know this back then or I’d never have let it happen, but if you don’t use your ipod often enough it’s battery will die. For good. And so it was that Mojo Jojo II refused to come on one day. I couldn’t even reset him. So I shook my head sadly and laid him to rest in his 5-rupee zipper pouch which isn’t as fancy as most ipod cases are, but works waay better against the rain. Plus it costs 5 rupees. Which is already enough reason to not buy a proper ipod case. And then I stopped thinking about ipods and music players for a couple of months. Because seriously, I only need a player while I’m travelling. And I’m never travelling anymore. Also I’d gone through 3 pairs of borrowed headphones in a week and I was really getting tired of the whole portable music scene anyway.

But now I’ve started jogging. And I often jog alone. And it’s really a whole different trip if you’re listening to music while you run. I was in a terrible mood today all day, but I borrowed my sister’s mp3 player when I went jogging at night and I swear to god Andy McKee is beautiful music for running alone. I heard Driftin’ and then Drops of Jupiter (Train) and then some Jack. And now I’m in an awesomely nice mood. I need to download John Butler Trio’s Ocean soon, and run to it. In fact I need to compile a whole playlist of happy instrumental music. So let me know if you have anything to suggest, Zonk. Mail me the track if you can too. And I’ll put it on my ipod.

*waits while you notice that*

Indeed. I did just say that. I’ll put it on my ipod. Because I just went to the apple store today, to see if maybe they can fix my ipod or something. Because well. An ipod’s an ipod and I’m not going to be able to buy one again anytime soon. Of course, you might say that music’s music and it shouldn’t matter whether you carry it around on an ipod or a walkman. But once you’ve owned an ipod (or 2, in my case) it’s really really hard to switch back to a normal player. I can’t explain it. I’m no techie and I don’t really know all the little details of why an ipod is cooler than anything else or if the whole apple aura thing is just a scam. It’s just that ipods are so fucking cool. And so pretty..

Anyway. I took it hoping to get it repaired. And guess what, Zonk. I’m getting it replaced!! And because my ipod is two years old and I bought it without warranty, I’m not getting it for free. I’ve got to pay Rs. 3190 for it. But let me rephrase that. I’m giving away my 2 year old dead ipod, and I’m getting a brand fucking new ipod for 3k.

:) :) :)

Mojo Jojo III (unless i get creative) will be here in a week. I’m getting him for 3000 bucks, Zonk. How awesome is that!

God Bless You, Steve Jobs.


2 thoughts on “Thank you Universe, for giving us Apple.

  1. I will refrain from doing this here, but I will make you understand when I come back. For now, just remember that Apple is evil, and so is Steve jobs.

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