So today that it might not suck

I can tell that today will be no good. I can feel it in my bones. I had tea instead of coffee when I woke up, because the coffee’s no good these days. And the tea turned out to be awful too. What were the chances of that? Anyway. I’ve spent the last two days doing jigsaw puzzles online. But I’m not sick anymore and it’s time to paint again and it sucks that they don’t make ink that is grey in colour. I can’t be doing this one with paint.

Just so you know, my new theme is here. D will make the changes I want sometime, and then I’ll put it up eventually. It’s a beautiful theme, Zonk. It’s called verbage.
And so it is that I move from dark grey to clean vanilla. I must be growing old. I must wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled and write songs about my withering youth. I must write songs. In general. Doesn’t look like the violin will be here anytime soon and I suppose I should stick to the guitar like glue.

And before I go. I suppose all of you here are on my facebook, so there really isn’t much point in putting the same link up in both places..but because this is beautiful and because I do believe it could make someone’s day, here you go. The most beautiful music video I’ve seen in a long long time.


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