Not even sick enough..

*breaks something*

I hate today Zonk. I’m kind of sick but not sick enough to not be bored. I feel feverish, the fever almost came but then went away. I have a cold but it’s slight, and a cough which is not that slight, and a back ache and an eye ache and another eye ache. AtĀ opportuneĀ moments, my head joins in the party and hurts when I move it. But mostly it’s just sitting there on my neck not doing much. I’m bored to death and I have nothing to do and I’ve already done my assignment and I’m too sick to start on some other project. I don’t feel like drawing. Also I have nothing to draw on, my sketchpad is in Studio. I watched Penn & Teller all afternoon already and I can’t take any more of it and I’m not in a movie-watching mood either and I have nothing to read.

I was supposed to jam but I feel too sick to leave the house. But I’m not sick enough to be content swatting flies.

I want to do a jigsaw puzzle. But I’ve already done all the three Ben10 ones that Tink has over here and besides they are really small.



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