Mind Your Pseudopodia

Oh the business of staying alive!

It’s a hard life these days Zonk. I have two supersecret projects to work on now, and a class assignment, and Giant Canvas. Plus I still have to find a theme (found a beautiful one here and called a few twenty people over and popped the cork on the champagne bottle and got smashed out of my head, but then it turned out the theme cost 70$ so bleh). I also have to finish a new song I started writing yesterday that I kind of like the lyrics of, and jam a little. We just found a new open mic night event and we’re thinking of going for the next one :) High time, eh. It’s been ages since Blue Frog and I’ve gotten really rusty. I’m also not too happy with my ability to compose these days..simple songs are nice and all but it’s time I wrote something as complicated as back then when. I’ll tell you if we do go for the next open mic thing, Zonk. Please come watch. I say watch and not listen because I don’t know if there’ll be a proper soundcheck at an open mic event and that just means that nobody will be able to hear a thing I sing. Because I’m pretty much like a mouse, vocally. Actually I’m like a mouse with a sore throat. Actually I’m like a moust that’s had it’s tonsils removed 5 minutes ago and nobody’s even gotten it any ice cream yet. At Blue Frog I managed because the sound guys are awesome and they turned my volume waaay up. Oh well :|

And now I should go get something done. Because it’s been two days since I did any work ..day before I tried, but didn’t do much. Yesterday I was Very Sick Indeed and watched a lot of TV, including a horribly boring movie. I wish my DVD player had a USB port :|

I suppose you know by now that I have nothing to say really. Just a lot of random updates :) But then I don’t like to update and go, m’dear. I don’t vox and vamoosh. I don’t say Hi-Blah-Bye.

I don’t hit and run.

Mainly because I still can’t really drive and there is no question of hitting things in the first place. Oh well. These things happen. But point being: I don’t vox and vamoosh. You see, I believe in educational blogposts. Or atleast, in leaving something behind. So. For the 2 and a half people who come here everyday: I leave you some advice.

Random Advice Generator: Beware the Ides of March.

Crap that makes no sense for the Ides + 1 of September. What to do. You see, I have a bunch of cards (with a Random Advice written on each one) filed away neatly in a little green box. And I just pick one randomly when I need to Generate Advice. Sometimes, as you can no doubt tell, it kind of doesn’t work. In which case I just pick another card.

Take #2

Random Advice Generator: Shoot anyone who tries to hug you.

There. That’s much better. It sounds a bit drastic but I suggest you take it seriously. My Little Green Advice Generator only malfunctions twice a year, and that Ides Of March bit was malfunction#2 for 2010.
(Malfunction #1 was when it said ‘Mind your pseudopodia ‘.)

Good day, my loves, and bye ~


8 thoughts on “Mind Your Pseudopodia

  1. Love the title :)
    Go for the open mic night. Why didn’t you go this time? I have a friend who should be playing there right about now. And they usually give you a few minutes to sound check.

  2. Cos I just found out abou tit today. And this is not the Zenzi one, are you talking about the Zenzi one? This one is new..
    And thank you :) Of course the post has terribly little to do with pseudopodia but o well :D

  3. No, the BEP one at Kino 108. They took over since the zenzi one stopped. It happened last month also, second Thursday of every month. I played at the last ever Zenzi open mind night :)
    And I know, but I love the randomness of the random advice.

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