Morning Zonk. Quick update, I woke up feeling sad from yesterday’s bad day, but now I feel awesome. Because of two things:

  1. I happened to put the TV on while having tea, and I usually never do that, and No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency had just started on HBO :) I love No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, it’s so fucking cute. And it’s a series, so it’s going to be on every Saturday morning from 9:45 till 12.
  2. THE CAR IS HERE MY SISTER’S I 20 IS HERE I CAN’T WAIT TO BE DRIVING IT WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Except I can’t too often, because nobody in the family has a license yet. Arup will get his in 8-9 days more I think.

Now pray my painting gets done properly today and looks as perfect as it did before I ruined it yesterday.



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