How Tic tacs changed my life.

Hello My Favourite Person For The Time You Take To Read This Post. Unless you’re a Zonk from the Long Ago Days of Vox. (Which you probably are, seeing as no one else would be here in the first place.) In which case, O Zonk of Myexblog, you are my favourite person for at least 2 hours a day everyday, except for Sundays and Other Public Holidays. I’m a pretty organized person that way. I live my life as the Schedules dictate. And the Schedules dictate a separate order of loving for Sundays and Other Public Holidays.

(Just in case you’re wondering, Sundays are for loving bunny rabbits with severe handicaps.)

And while we’re still off-topic, please note that I didn’t have to move to Mexico after all *rejoices*. Because I’m a hardworking person when I want to be, and I painted a lot yesterday. Got done with a canvas and it turned out decent enough..I’ll try and get a good pic today. I have today all planned out too. Let’s hope things work out as they should and the Schedules are pleased with my diligence.

But I’m not here to tell you about not moving to Mexico. I’m here to tell you about how driving school and tic tacs make me feel super adult. Indeed they do. I went for my 8th driving class today, and I think I’m pretty much kicking ass as far as 8-day-old drivers go. I can drive in 1st and 2nd gear, and, as of today, 3rd too *pride*; I have decent steering control and I’m not scared of speeding *throws tic tac in mouth and clenches jaw*.



You see what I mean? Driving and tic tacs make an awesomely badass combo. Driving is easy to explain of course. If you’re a skinny person, people treat you like you’re a kid, which is understandable because when you’re walking around or standing up near other people, you look smaller in relation to them. So I feel much bigger and older when I’m sitting in a car. Because although I’m thin, I’m pretty tall, and so when I’m sitting behind the wheel and you can’t tell much about body type, I look about the same as other people. Besides, everyone feels older and cooler behind the steering wheel. It’s just you know..about being grown up and world-weary. I can’t wait to actually get a license and be able to drive Properly. Actually I can’t wait to get a job and get rich and buy my own car. I see it all clearly in my head. I’ll have a sleek silvery car that’s really long and low in the front (like a Honda City ZX..please note that a month ago all cars looked the same to me, so this is really a huge improvement). And I’ll be wearing glares and shorts and driving around everywhere with my ipod playing Incubus on speakers. And I’ll be listening to it nonchalantly, and once in a while I’ll let my fingers tap the steering wheel half-heartedly in time to the music. And on my dashboard there’ll always be a box of tic tacs.

Now you’ll be thinking that it’s just mint. Why on earth should anyone feel awesome while eating mint. Ah, dear Reader, do not make the mistake of equating one mint to all mint. Tic tacs aren’t like Chlormint. Or Centerfresh. Or Chicklets (do those still exist?). Or any other lame mint you might think of. Tic Tacs are cooler, because they come in transparent little plastic boxes with a flip-open slit in the lid and because they look like pills.


You see? It’s awesome to have Tic tacs around when you’re in a fix or a frenzy. It’s the whole life’s-a-bitch-and-I’m-shaking-pills-out-of-a-bottle thing. Well, box, not bottle, if you want to be anal. But you get the point anyway. I love it

But. Apart from the coolness of it all, I think I’m getting a little addicted to Tic tacs. I do a pack in three days now..At first I didn’t care much, but then someone told me that too much mint is not good for you. I have no clue about these things. But I can make polls pretty easily here on wordpress, so I’ll just make one right away and you can tell me if you know about the occupational hazards of being an ardent eater of Tic tacs.

Isn’t it cool how I can put an actual poll in a post here? And you even get to see percentage results when you roll your mouse over it too. Only, I can’t align it nicely and the width is horribly wrong. Once I have a fixed theme I’ll make my own custom poll box.

And now it’s about time I start working a little. But remember, if you have a car that needs driving and a heart that is muchly generous, I can kind of drive on empty-ish roads in the daytime.

Bye bye Zonk.

Ps: Please please please take my cool poll.


6 thoughts on “How Tic tacs changed my life.

  1. Incubus, finally! I don’t know anyone who started listening to Incubus and didn’t fall completely in love with them. You can’t go against the statistics. Besides, I found them before anyone else so it makes me happy when someone new falls in love with them because it feels like I had something to do with it. Also, wordpress is awesome, it filled in all my details when posting this comment by itself. I had to change my name to Zonk though.

    P.S. I would let you drive my car if I was around. Not because I have that much faith in you or anything, but because another foolish kind-hearted person did the same for me when I didn’t have a car and was learning to drive so, just to nuetralise my karma.

  2. But I’ve been listening to Incubus for ages! They’re a cool band..Pardon Me is my favourite. I think Icubus is good on-the-road music. But I haven’t heard that much either.
    And ya..wordpress is Really cool. If only you Were around :| I need practice! But then my car comes on the 11th so woohoo! :)

  3. Listen to more. Start with Morning View, the album. WordPress won’t let me live bookmark this page though. How am I supposed to follow you now? And what car?

  4. what on earth is live bookmark? i know that when u comment, u can click on “email when there is a response” thingy. and u can subscribe to the blog itself, theres a button on the right side. clicking on it is followed by a mail i ink-ified myself :P i thought its funner than wordpress’ mail, just in case someone ever clicks on it. mail me a song or two from the album na. btw, i can play pardon me *pride* its Difficult and took many many hours of practice long ago.

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