Hellllo WordPress :)

So. My first ever post on wordpress. I miss vox and everything, but truth be told, wordpress is pretty exciting. It’s uber-exciting. It’s like..Esselworld. Terrible analogy I know, but of course I put it in there on purpose . Never mind why. Let’s just say that at least one of you will get some laughs out of that Esselworld line :D

Anyway. It’s a nice day, Zonk. No shit class on account of I bunked it, did pretty okay at driving school, still got two tic tacs left in my tic tac box, and it’s only 11:30 in the morning. Which means I might still be able to make something of my day. I better make something of my day. If I don’t make something of my day I might as well pack my bags and move to Mexico and be a barmaid called Elsa. Because I haven’t done any work in four days now and everyone knows that once you reach the 5-day mark, nobody wants to be friends with you anymore. Except in Mexico where there are people called Jesus who forgive your every sin.

But maybe I should move on now from Mexico. Specially since I had to google ‘Mexican Names’ to come up with Elsa..which anyway sounds quite British if you really think about it. Point being, I spent all of yesterday looking for wordpress themes :| And I still haven’t picked a theme. Which is alright because I’m giving myself a good one week or so to set this page up properly. It’s not as easy as it seems you know, picking a theme. I have to make sure I pick The Perfect Theme. The One. The Kitu-blog Soulmate. It has to have fine font, a darkish background, a changeable header and One clearly demarcated sidebar. And no rounded corners. All of these specifications, in bright yellow font, spelled out for You, My Potential Favourite Person On Account Of Being Potential Finder Of My Soulmate Theme. (Okay not bright yellow exactly. But wordpress is giving me an awesome colour palette so why on earth would I pick bright yellow.) Indeed. I’m hoping you were planning to keep an eye out for a pretty theme Zonkness. And if you weren’t, then I’m hoping the super-liminal hints I’m embedding in this post work awesomely and you end up planning to keep an eye out for a pretty theme anyway :) A cookie for anybody who finds The Theme. (But seriously, I really really care about these things and I get only one chance to do it right because I can’t deal with change and once I pick a theme, I have to live with it forever or spend many traumatic days taking polls and wondering if changing to something cooler will make the Universe strike me dead. I’m somewhat messed up like that..)

Actually, I wish I could make my Own theme. As in make it all completely by myself. But I don’t know how. Once I do learn, if I ever do, I swear I’ll make my own theme no matter how superstitious I am about changing these things. But until then, I’ll just do my best to make a perfect blog from all the templates that the internet has to offer.

Now the plan for today, designed to ensure that I don’t have to move to Mexico, is this: I eat my lunch and then head to The Studio, finish the Little Canvas off, and draw on the Giant. I’ll take my sketch book with me, and hopefully I’ll manage to plan something for my Supersecret Art Project. After which, I come home and chill, or try to do some copy, and then in the evening I jam if I have someone to jam with. In between I’ll look for wordpress themes. And in a bit i’ll upload a half-done song of my own- partly because I’ve created an entire category on this blog called ‘Music’ and partly because I think it’s time I put up my music here too. It’s really high time..considering most of you have so much dirt on me you could ruin my life here forever and I’d be forced to move to Mexico and be a barmaid called Elsa again.

And now I’m off. Bye bye Zonk. I hope you’re here, some of you. I hope you let me know too, it’s easier on wordpress than on vox. You don’t have to be a member to comment. Fyi, that was Super-liminal hint # 2.


Ps: It’s more than two hours since I started writing this post and I’ve done twenty things in between and I’ve still not left for Studio. Please Universe please let me be super productive today :|


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