Vox Imports

Bye bye.

For the last time ever on vox, hello Zonk.

Like I said yesterday, vox is shutting down. So I’m packing up my bags and heading over to wordpress. I hope it goes well..I hope I don’t lose all the little big things like your comments and mine. And I hope I keep blogging this much.
I’ll be back here before the 20th to link to my new blog. Apart from that, this is the last real post I’m making here on vox..but the import to wordpress is done..so maybe I’ll just physically copy paste this one there. WordPress seems really awesome so far..there’s so many themes to pick from and it’s all so customizable, that I’m kind of excited about heading over right now. I’ve stuck with vox for ever now but I do agree that it sucks a little..Oh well. It’s shutting down now anyway.
And so it is. Please please come visit me on wordpress, Zonk. The blog is not ready yet, I still need to pick a theme and change stuff around till I’m happy, but the posts at least I’ve already exported. I’m being made to move and I’m going to really try to move everything and all of you with me. I just tried to take stock of things here, and with a little help from wordpress and my vox inbox, I’ve figured that in the last 30 months (29 March ’08 to 06 September ’10), I’ve written 479 posts, received and replied to 360 comments and uploaded 85 attachments here. And I’ve met at least six new people through this blog. I’m guessing that after more than two years of being here the numbers don’t sound like much..but they really are a lot, Zonk.. really really lot.
I’ll miss you, vox. I’m trying my hardest to think back all the way to my first post on this blog and make a list of everyone who ever read this blog somewhat regularly, or even just returned here a few times. I hope I don’t leave anyone out..
So here goes.
Frank D’Souza, Kalhan Raina, Kavita Krishnan, Kris Venham (Sai), Chitrang J, Krupa Krishnan, Nikhil Goveas, Sirus Libeiro, Rahul Jaisheel, Rohan Joseph, Anisha Lalvani, Ashwini Mohan, someone called Warlock79, and maybe Ankita Chandra for a little while..
What would I ever do without you? There is nothing sadder than posting on a blog that no one reads. I hope that never happens to me. Or to any of you. I am really glad you exist, Zonk. And for the last time ever on this grey page, I love you all and I owe you so much more than a listen.

Stay with me.
– K.


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