Vox Imports

No title. Move on.

Ow my eyes they hurt they hurt :|
Don't ask me why, Zonk. I've gotten them checked and I'm supposed to have 6×6 vision and everything. Plus I've been home almost all day, except for driving school in the morning and shit class after that. Which means there isn't much kohl on my face either. Which might sound odd if you know me in person. Because Nobody outside of my family has Ever seen me without blackeyes in the last six years. Nobody. Which is pretty amazing really, if you consider the fact that I very rarely find a reason to step out of home past afternoon these days. My swimming pool has shut down till the malaria goes away so I don't even go swimming anymore. Not that I wear kohl when I go swimming.. but feeling bad about having nowhere to go makes me lose track of what the point was of the last sentence that I typed. *sinks down in in chair* And now this is getting really depressing. Because all the chairs in my house started breaking about 2 months ago, and there's only one left now. It's horribly uncomfortable and it doesn't have armrests. The only way I can sit slumped way down in this chair is if I put my feet up on a stool or on the computer table itself. Now I can only put my feet up on a stool is if I don't need to be at my screen, i.e. if I'm watching something. Also, I can only put my feet up on a stool if I have a stool, which I don't because the only stool in my house is under the water filter. As for putting my feet up on the table..it kind of makes me feel like a grasshopper. But I do it all the time. Which may be why I have a pretty fucked up back for a 21 year old but oh well. 
And now I've forgotten the point that I was going to make. If there was one in particular that is.. Anyhow, I was supposed to work on two things today, one didn't happen because it won't stop raining, and the other didn't happen because I started reading the Oatmeal instead. From there I got sidetracked onto another awesome blog: hyperboleandahalf. This blog even comes with an Awesome button that takes you to other fun blogs and sites. Anyway, from there I started thinking about how awesome it must be to fun-blog for a living. And then I got a mail with my weekly blog traffic statistics from gostats. And since I was thinking about blogs anyway, I decided to decode the stats a bit. I don't really trust the stats that much, I really doubt this blog has That many visitors. But it's better to believe nice news. So I got some help from D, and turns out that if these stats are correct, I have quite a few regulars over here. More than I estimated that is. Which is Awesome.
*waves at many Zonks*
And now I must return to do the second thing that I had to do and did not manage to do. Sigh. *slumps in chair and feels like a sack of potatoes*
Fyi, I slump a lot. I'm a slumpy sort of person in general. And this chair is Torture. 

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