Vox Imports

Morning :)

Good morning Zonk. Seems like it'll be a nice day today. Because I woke up in the morning and checked my mail and guess what, the sketch I finally sent yesterday for my Giant Canvas got approved :) Which is alright, I did kind of know it would get approved, but apart from that, someone might be buying Still Falling — my red painting (if he can afford it). 

:) Even if he can't afford it after all, I still feel nice that someone would consider buying something from me that they did not personally commission.
It feels nice to wake up in the morning and find two awesome bits of news waiting in your inbox for you. Makes you feel invincible. Which I'm not, of course: the last time I said here that it seems like it'll be a good day and I feel awesome, I ended up frieder than an egg on a saucepan, but oh well. Who knows, maybe this one will work out nicely.  And so I've planned the day out: first I finish a tutorial which is an assignment for shit class, but a decent assignment for once. Then I go out with my mom because she needs to buy some things. In te evening I transport y Giant Canvas to the Studio *pride* and finish drawing on it. Please Universe please let me get all this done by 8 p.m. In which case I'll watch Penn & Teller at night. 

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