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EDIT: I just got back from the awesomest jam ever :) So it doesn't matter anymore if I don't finish everything on my list. I'm still not going to feel useless or loserly today. Woooooooooo! :) 

Sit down, Zonk. Have some tea while you're at it. This is going to be another one of those no-particular-point-to-make kind of posts. Let's start with getting the To-Do Lists out of the way, since it's what I whine about 90% of the time that I spend whining, which I suppose is about 70% of time in general. So.

Things I've Done Already:
(All things that really count for something I'm putting in bold)

  1. Woke up early for driving class which didn't happen. FUCK YOU SAI MOTOR DRIVING SCHOOL. I even revised in my head while having my coffee. What a waste of perfectly good blank-brain time. 
  2. Attended stupid class. Though I almost decided to bunk. Should have bunked anyway..not like I can't already use the pen tool. Bloody waste of my time. *mutters under breath* Now I have to recreate a stock symbol to prove that I can use the pen tool. But I'm not going to bother counting it in my To-Do List. I'm just mentioning it here instead so I don't feel dishonest about it later. 
  3. Wrote notwomo copy. So that the boys don't make me write it late at night when I'm whiny and wanting to sleep *waves brightly at C*
Thing I have still to do in order to feel like a worthy human being:
Ah what a struggle it is.

  1. Jam. At 5.30. High time I swear :| Shawn's been going pro while I've been slacking off. At this rate he'll soon be telling me to go jam with someone my own size (metaphorically).
  2. Get existing idea for Giant Canvas down decently on paper. Bit hard to do because it's a time consuming concept and somewhat difficult. Sigh.
  3. Think of more ideas. Get at least one rough sketch on paper.
  4. Start a tutorial. No way I'll finish it. So I should at least start.

Crap. I have a lot to do if I want to not feel useless today :| And I better do it because tomorrow and day after I'll be out anyway..

Bye bye Zonk. Say best of luck to me. I'll be back at night to tell you if I did do everything on my list. I hate failing at lists and I almost always do fail. Aaaaaaaaaaaa.
Ps: Wtf. I was supposed to get to-do lists out of the way and then go on to tell you about talking to N and how I envy his University student life. But okay. The Universe has other things in mind for me on vox today. So I'll tell you about it tomorrow instead. Ta. 

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