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Revision Time

Dear Zonk.

Well. I've been going pretty much everyday since Friday, but today they actually taught me something instead of saying 'sorry, come tomorrow' and sending me home. It was supercool. I wonder why no one taught me to drive before. Such a liberating feeling. Even if some one else is controlling the clutch. Anyway. He taught me a lot of things verbally and then he let me take the car for one round and It Was Awesome. And he told me that tomorrow I've got to tell him all the things he taught me today, in 10 minutes. Sadly for you, that means it's revision time on vox B-) But if you really think about it, you'll see that this post is probably going to be of use to the whole world. Like imagine if you don't know a thing about driving, and you go for your first driving lesson, and you start to think about this post. You'll suddenly know a lot of stuff that will impress your instructor and you'll also feel pretty badass. So. Revision Time.
Once you get into the car you:
  1. adjust your seat. Pull it in the front so you can push back the clutch completely.
  2. adjust your rear view mirror on the left so you can see the road and a bit of the car's bum.
  3. adjust your rear view mirror in the center so you can see the entire back window.
  4. check that the gear is in neutral position.
  5. turn the ignition key to the right (I think twice? Damn I forgot). Anyway. You turn it till those signs turn up on your panel..but they shouldn't. But in case they do, here's what they are: handbrake, brake oil, engine oil, DAMMIT I don't remember but I think I'll know them when I see them. 
  6. release the handbrake. 
  7. push down the clutch and turn the key again so the car starts up, and then release the clutch. You step on clutch and brake to stop the car.
  8. uh. Change to first gear. Before the clutch I suppose? Or After? Somebody tell me please or I'll be in trouble at tomorrow's class :|
  9. keep your hands at a 10-2-10 position on the steering wheel.
  10. push the stick thing on the right of the wheel Up to signal left, and Down to signal right. The other stick thing is for your windshield wipers. 
  11. look at the stuff about the ac but that's really not the point when you're learning to drive is it now.
Hmm. Crap. I think I might have muddled up points 5, 6, 7 and 8. Somebody let me know please :|

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4 thoughts on “Revision Time

  1. first gear after you turn the ignition and push down the clutch. Once you are in the first gear and the nerves have settled, slowly let go of the clutch while accelerating slightly. Then try and run over every pigeon on the road and give the finger to bus and rickshaw drivers

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