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'Kitucat Kitucat where have you been? I've been to Bandra to look at the Sheen.'

B-) Lame I know. But I couldn't resist. Anyway. At least now you know I've been to Bandra today. And back. By train. It's a lovely feeling to be saving money, Zonk. Consider that a month or so ago, I'd have tried to rick it home. Or atleast to Sion. I tried the AC bus way, today, but that didn't work out too well because there are no AC buses from Bandra to Thane or Mulund. Not that I saved any money. I had some ridiculously expensive ice blended mocha at this place called The Coffee Bean. But it was good so bleh. Besides, I don't remember the last time I felt rich. (No I didn't make any money. I just withdrew everything I had left.) 
Anyway. I had a nice day today. But no work got done. Which is not good, seeing as everyday is a battle against the Uselessness. Besides, I just got my giant canvas. It's 3×4 feet. That's pretty giant. If I sit sideways in front of it with my legs stretched straight out and I hand you a pencil, you could trace me on the canvas and I would fit. That's how big it is. Scary eh. The bigger the canvas, the greater the probability of fucking up :| And so I need to really plan this out before I begin. 
I don't know if you know this about me, Zonk, but I'm a lazy person. The better I get at something, the lesser I work at it. So back when I was painting shoes, I had a little notebook filled with sketches and studies. Because I had to plan everything out just right before I put anything on the shoe itself or I might fuck up and then I'd have to sit down and cry. But now that I'm painting canvases, I've given up the habit of making rough drafts on notepaper. Which could be a good thing, because sometimes, if you draw something and it turns out nicely the first time, it won't turn out as good the next time you try. But that's a small factor, really. Mainly, I've gotten used to thinking that everything is fixable. Also, it's easier to work directly on a canvas than on shoes, because shoes are weirdly shaped. But there's some things you can't fix. Like a badly composed image or a weak idea. Once you put the paint on the canvas it's a lost case.. And so I'm going to take the time to listen to a lot of music, make a little on my own, and go through all of my blogposts that aren't full of crap or random updates. So I can actually think before I pick my theme. And then I'm going to make studies on my sketchbook, get my basic elements and their placement right, get it all approved, and then think of putting it on canvas. 
Pray for me, Zonk. I really need to do a good job of this one. As in I need to be able to feel proud of it. Because it's just time I felt proud about something. And because it's the most challenging thing I've done in a while. Plus, I got a good deal on this one. 5 figure :) :) You don't know what it's like to not have a job and a regular paycheck. And I hope to god you never have to find out. There's things you need to buy and you keep putting it away for the next time you get paid. And then it all starts to pile up and the paycheck looks tinier than it did in your head..
So far I've pushed all of this onto my big canvas paycheck: 
  1. Violin
  2. At least 2 books (pirated)
  3. Calvin and Hobbes (non-pirated)
  4. Working headphones
  5. Next 2 phone bills
  6. Bangalore trip money
  7. Colouring inks (because ink is Awesome)
Which reminds me. I don't think I've told you yet. I'm going to Bangalore next month. Alone.
I'll be staying at Niha's hostel. For maybe 3 or 4 days. It's an awesome thing, Zonk. Because the furthest I've been from home since college ended is Matheran. And college ended more than a year ago. Even more importantly, a few moths ago I'd not have dreamed of travelling alone. Or travelling at all. But now Travelling is my bitch. Make plans to travel with me, Zonk. Because I Can. (Monetarily and permission-wise I most probably can't. But let's not go there on this post.) 
And now I'm off. The original plan was to watch a movie, but now I think I'll go start thinking about what to do with the Giant Canvas. I got my sketchbook home from my sister's place but I left all my pencils there. Sigh. Oh well. 

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