Vox Imports


And so the week of awesomeness wears off. 

I've done nothing productive in two days. Spent all of yesterday working on copy that didn't get written and tutorials that didn't get done..while I should have simply painted instead. As for today; the morning was for learning licenses and afternoon I wasted trying to learn something new. And I painted. Just two or three hours at night. A new style as an experiment. A rapidly failing experiment, if you ask me. I learnt today that there is no point masking without masking tape, especially when the replacement is too thick. What I saw in my head was pretty. My canvas looks like hell. But who knows, it might repair well.. I don't have much faith in my ability to turn out good art. But I do trust the mending power of blind trial and error. I painted a wall once for forty days and at least forty times I felt I fucked it up. But I didn't..eventually it all worked out fine.
If ever you work on any artwork, Zonk, I have a tip for you. I don't know much but this is how it works for me: don't trust Day One. Everything looks fugly on the first day. Day Two is what really counts. Everything I've ever done that took more than a day to finish, I swear the theory applied. Day One matters not at all. Day Two is make or break. If you think it sucks on Day Two, throw it away and start over. Nothing can salvage it again.
Anyway. I start driving classes tomorrow, Zonk. Pray I learn quickly and pray I learn well. My gut tells me I'll be a terrible driver. My gut is seldom incorrect. Who knows. Maybe someday I'll actually find a job that I can do well that pays well that I'll stick with. And then maybe someday after that I'll buy a car. A good reason to get a license and to learn to drive. That, and proving your age to doubting bastard bartenders. So right now, no reason to get excited..
Tell me where that's from and I'll give you a cookie. Tell me without googling and I'll add chocolate chips on top.
There must be some kind of way out of here..
Killed it. Now everyone will get the chocolate chips.
Goodnight goodnight don't let the mindrot bite.   

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