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I was just reading an interview online, that someone did with Vikram Seth after the release of An Equal Music. And read this: 

Are you as passionate about music as Michael is?

I don't really know. I am completely passionate about music. I prefer it to words if I were forced to choose, but I'm not a practicing musician so I don't see how I can reach that level.

Now I like him even more. I think it's time I read more of his books. No point falling for an author when you've read only one book, even if you've read it three times. I think I should read The Golden Gate next. I need to paint quicker, Zonk, and get my next check. So much depends on it. My violin and my next book to read.  Violin it seems. While the only instrument I can somewhat play dies slowly from neglect. I hope you're happy, Mr.Seth. You're eating away into my meager earnings.
Ps: Today was a wasted day. Fuck you Universe. 

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