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Goodmorning Zonk. It's 8:53 a.m. and I'm up because I told my mom to wake me at 9 and she thought I said 8. I hate when that happens. So I was brooding over my coffee and wallowing in self-pity and being inconsolable about how tormented I am and how little I get to sleep and how I'm going to run myself down at this rate, but then I thought maybe I should just come online and tell you'll about all the stuff that I have to tell you'll about. Because I've got class in an hour and a half. Where they will teach me Illustrator. Which I already know. Which they will force me to make ugly ads on. Which I will fail at. Because why the fuck should I be making ads in Illustrator. And also because I happen to have eyes (which I swear to god they seem to not have). And so I can't make something that looks like this. Or this. Save me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

But I did not come here to whine, old friend. Indeed I did not. I came to tell you about the awesomeness that is The Life of Kitu these days. And I'll get straight to the point because I have a horrible pointless class to attend in a bit, and something to finish writing after that, and a canvas to start on after that (if I manage to get the money to buy it). Anyway. I've been painting for about a year now. And long back, when I'd first started getting orders, my sister offered to give me one room of her house to use for paintstuff. I'd said no..partly because it's really convenient to work and sleep in the same place. But right now I have four canvases to paint, and one of them is a giant, and the space between my window and my bed just doesn't cut it. Neither does all the hair that somehow accumulates there..oh well. So I took my sister up on her offer. Right after she bought me a brand new ubercool paintbrush holder *pride*. So yesterday, I set up my Very Own Studio. It felt awesome. I even took pics. On my new N-73. And right about now you're wanting to be me. It's okay. It happens. We all envy people who get new phones and new studios in the same exact day. And if it makes you feel any better, the N-73 is my sister's old phone and the sound is slightly fucked. But it's still cooler to be me than to be you as of today at least. 
Anyway, I'll put up pics of My Studio *bursts with pride* soon as I get the data cable from my sister's house. It's not much to look at yet, just half a room and still decorated from Tink's birthday party last month. But someday they'll get rid of the double bed and then I'll have the Whole Room. Life is good Zonk. Life is good. 

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