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Just in case you haven't gone swimming today, Zonk, here's a tip: don't go swimming today. It's fucking cold in the water and it even rained while I was in the pool. As in, it poured. It was like being at sea. I could have taken a pic of me in the pool and sent it to Reader's Digest and they'd have used it to illustrate one of their shipwreck survival stories.   But I don't go to the pool to take pics, Zonk; I go to the pool to swim. And I'm a very earnest learning-to-swim person. Which must be why I do foolish things like swim in torrential rain:|

You see, Zonk, I love cold weather but cold weather seriously hates me. Specially in pools when it rains like this. A lot of stuff goes wrong when the water's cold. When I get in, my palms itch and hurt and turn red. I suppose it's some weird kind of allergy..but it doesn't happen as often as it used to. Though I'll only really find out in winter. And then, it's harder to learn to time my breathing because well, who the fuck likes to breathe in cold water. But the worst thing is my fingers. They go numb and tingly, starting with my little finger. Sometimes I come home and have my tea and I still can't feel my thumbs. It's not much of a problem, I assumed I have bad circulation or something. But it's annoying. So today I got home and looked it up, and google tells me that it could be carpal tunnel. Or cubital tunnel. Or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Or anxiety. Or aliens sending signals to earth via Kitu. 
Which only goes to show how useless it is to google things like 'hand numbness while swimming'. Because everybody on the internet will have had the exact same issue as you and they'll all have got it checked already and they'll be wanting you to flap your fingers in a jacuzzi or wear a wrist brace or cut your hands off or do yoga. So pointless. I also found a link that told me I'm likely to get fifty types of skin rash and ruin my 'hair cuticles' from being in a pool. Which means that next time I go for a haircut, nobody'll tell me I have nice 'texture'. Damn :| 
So I've decided to screw it and not try to figure out why cold water makes my hands numb and what I can do about it. We all know my hands are pretty loserly anyway. My fingers are so weak that I can barely play barred chords, and I went through a phase once where too much guitaring would make my hands shiver and swell slightly between my thumb and forefinger. Sucks to be me. *shakes fist at Universe*
Anyhow. I only came to tell you not to swim in rainy weather. Cos of the tingly fingertips. And also cos the rain will keep making circles on your goggles while you float on your back and then how will you count the birds. I go now. To paint and then, if I'm done early enough, watch a movie. Indeed. I am trying to turn into a Watcher of Movies. So long Old Friend. And remember, No Swimming in Rainy Weather.
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2 thoughts on “Random Advice

  1. I love swimming in the rain! Well, I've done it once and it was fun. Anyway, more pertinent to the topic; you remember my friend Surabhi? She was once complaining about getting wet in the rain so I told her that she's waterproof, because that's what I usually tell people who complain about getting wet in the rain, but then she told me she's allergic to the cold, which, obviously, I didn't believe so I bugged her about it until one day, to prove it to me she held an ice cube to her face until she turned red. So now you know that you're not the only one. You guys can form a support group or something.

  2. o i have a friend who has that allergy. if u hold a cold water bottle to her skin it turns red. THAY could form a support group :D i have no such issues though. just that cold water in the pool makes my palms go red and itch. in general im not allergic to cold or anything.

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