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If you look at the top left corner of this page you'll see a picture. A blurred almost-but-not-quite silhouette and a yellow beach. That's one of my favourite pics of me, Zonk; so today when I was looking through the pics on this blog I thought I'd set it as my profile pic on facebook. So I ran a search on my comp to see if I still have it, and I did, and guess what. When I clicked on the pic a window opened up with more info than I knew could exist for a single photograph. 

I don't know if you can read any of that tiny font, or if you'd be bored enough to try. But my point is this: as soon as that window opened up I knew that on May 22, 2001, at 7:30pm I was in Nagaon and somebody had a SONY DSC S-600 pointed my way. And the flash was on. 
You see, Zonk, I'm terrible at remembering the year and month that something happened. I'm good at remembering who said what on what occasion, but I'll never know when the occasion happened. I don't remember Malhar in terms of Malhar '07 or '08. I think of it as FYBA or SYBA Malhar. You get? So I love it when I come across information like this, which tells me where I was and what I was doing on a particular day. It's stuff I'd never know otherwise. 
I think that's probably what makes vox so awesome. Every once in a while I click on a tag or randomly go through my old posts and I know little things about myself on random days from long ago. Like I'm going back through the blog now, and I know that on May 07, 2010 I was exhausted and my legs were aching..probably from too much jamming for my Blue Frog gig which was two days later. About a month before that, on April 04, I was at Goldy's for Easter and I was buzzed on beer and pastiche and malibu and bailiff and kicked that I could drink. On April 01 I finished the Beanstalk Wall :) Which I'd begun on March 10. Almost an exact month! And I didn't even know that until right now. On March 02 I left C a gift on the blog. On Feb 18 I went to my shrink for the first time, on Feb 12 I had a nightmare of some sort and Feb 08, 2010 was the worst night of my whole life and I offered to trade in the blog for sleep. On Jan 29 I was fucking drunk, on November 19 I got an awesome haircut, on November 12 I was listening to Radiohead, and on November 10, for some reason, it rained. 
I could go on forever but I've been on this site for more than 2 years now, and that's way too much to go through and type up. But because I can, and because you've already read this much and might as well read some more: on October 07, 2009 Tinku made a story about a seriously unlucky elephant, and on June 14 he went to school for the first time. On September 20, 2009, N and I were at Gateway, and he was leaving for the village soon after. August 29, 2009, I made artwork so personal I refused to give it away, on May 11 Yash Raj Films was shooting in my society, and on Jan 23 I had too much whiskey and didn't come home for no reason at all. On 27th November '08 I made my first ever pair of painted shoes and Kasab was in the city gunning people down. In May 2008 I was miserable at Grey Worldwide and blogging like a maniac. May 29 was my last day there, exactly 2 months after I began this blog and swore, in my first post ever, that I'll never put up anything I care about in cyberspace, that I can't leave the contents of my head strewn around for everyone to read and that I don't trust blogs. I suppose I was full of shit :D
Quite a long period of documenting the odds and ends of my existence. It's nice to go back once in a while and read this stuff..it's like pegs you hang your stories from. In anycase, it's fun for Me but I'm guessing it's not fun for You to have to hear about it in minute detail; but oh well. You've read it already and no harm done B-) 
I'll listen to you if you want to reminisce like this sometime. And it took me atleast an hour to write this post while going through my archives. O___O Time to sleep now. Goodnight Zonk. 

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