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My Giant Post For The Day

**Thursdays are for making lists

Hello Zonk. It's been a long day today. Which makes it sound like I've been busy, but I haven't. Just thought I'd clear that up before you make assumptions of the type that alter your mindset towards a post while you're reading it. Because then you'll realize halfway through the post that you've been reading it with ill-advisedly formed expectations, which would really suck, because then you'll have to start all over again, because that's the only thing you can do when such a thing happens, and also because that's a Rule I Made For This Blog. (Just fyi, there's a whole List Of Rules I Made For This Blog that I'd made on a Thursday** sometime last November. It's there in your vox inbox somewhere. You don't know about it simply because you've never bothered to check your vox inbox. I hope you hear the accusatory tone that my voice has adopted on behalf of your vox inbox. I hope you do O Cruel Neglecter of Lesser Inboxes. This would never have happened to your gmail or your facebook inbox would it. *bitter laugh*)

In any case. I was saying — I've had a long (but not busy) day. It's the kind of day when you feel like tying and untying and retying your shoelaces for long stretches of time; partly because you have nothing urgent to do and partly because you're sitting with your feet up and your chin on your knees, and your shoelaces are Right There. Except I'm not foolish enough to be wearing shoes in the rain or at home. I wear flipflops or floaters in the rain, if you must know. As most sensible people do. And at home I don't wear footwear of any kind, save for socks on days when my feet feel cold. (Come to think of it, my feet did feel cold today. But I was in a punishing mood so no socks anyway.) 
So while I was not tying and untying and retying my shoelaces, I was thinking. About how I've had nothing urgent to do in a long time now and how that should be making me depressed but it's not. I don't have a job and I'm not in a college of any sort. Which usually makes me feel unhappy and worthless and loserly, and then I feel guilty sleeping or reading or watching TV. It's a horrible thing, Zonk, to have to keep making up tasks in order to reassure yourself of your worth.. And now I don't have to do that anymore :) I'm not sure why. But it feels awesome. And so, it being Thursday, I made Lists: one of the actual work I have to do in the near future and another of stuff I generally want to focus on everyday.
Stuff (Work) I Have To Do In The Near Future

  • One big canvas (3ft. x 4ft.) for one of the owners of The Wall. That's my main project right now, as soon as I get the canvas. But I think I'll do a couple of small ones first, to get in the groove. Not in the frame of mind to do a big canvas straightaway. It's been a while since I painted..vox tells me I last painted on June 16, 2010. Which was about a month and a half ago.
  • 3 or (maybe 4) little canvases. Because I have awesome friends who are willing to buy art from me. One for Sheena, one for Sharvari and one for C. And who knows, R seemed interested in buying something too, but that's not a commission as such.
  • One little canvas that is not a commission. For my sister who is desperate for one though she already has a painted wall. 
  • My First Real World Project Of The Digital Kind. *beams* Indeed. It could happen. Niha's college might want me to design a poster for their college fest. Nice name it has too: Strawberry Fields. I'm not sure why they wanted me to, I think it maybe all those shoes that they'd wanted and the one pair that one of them did buy. What luck that they picked Now to consider asking me, just when I've started learning this stuff. A month ago I'd have had to say no. The Universe works in mysterious ways and I think, on the whole, it's kind. *thank you Universe*
That's not such a bad list. Should keep me going for two months at least. The computer learning takes up a lot of my time but I've decided I better give some time to actual painting too..it was developing in interesting directions where I left off. So I need to pick up from there.  This time, I plan to just work on a bunch of canvases and hang on to all of them (did the drawing for one today), and then let people take their pick. Who knows. I might just work on enough that some be left over for me. That'd be good, except I have no empty walls to speak of at home. Sigh. Oh well. 

Stuff I Should Be Doing Everyday

  • Swimming. I've already gotten pretty regular with this already, and I'm going to stick with it till I get a job or something atleast. It's superimportant for me to swim everyday. Because (i) I like water (ii) its good exercise, and I get none of it otherwise seeing as I'm at home all the time (iii) I feel healthy, so that part of my anxiety atleast won't come back (iv) it's the only routine I've got and we all know that routine keeps the blues away (v) I feel fat. Yes. Skinny people can feel fat too. Anyway, I can actually swim now, a little bit; in a month or so I should be pretty Fish at it.
  • Learning. I do learn quite a bit these days. Plus I need all the practice I can get..thank you C for all the projects you keep assigning me. 
  • Painting. Because I shouldn't stop now. And because it's my only source of income.
  • MUSIC. Alas. How unmusical life has become. And I have only myself to blame. I've been shamelessly lazy, Zonk. Next time I see you, if I haven't written a new song or jammed at least once, slap me. Of course I want to get a violin and get good at it and weep my soul out into its strings but that doesn't mean I neglect the only instrument I can play at present. Sheesh. *disgust*
  • Reading. I should really get some cheap books from Fort soon..I have been reading these days, but I have nothing to read now and I already finished rereading the one book I wanted to reread. Sigh. Next check I get, I buy some books too.
  • Blogging. Indeed. I admit it. I have slowly been letting Ink slide. And that just will not do will it now. You only realize this when you stop updating for a longish while: blogging is hard work. It is, Zonk. Really. And I had so much practice before that I didn't even know it. But go away for a month and come back to your page, and you'll see how hard it is to come up with something again.   
And that, my Favourite Person In Cyberspace, is My Giant Post For The Day. You could have lived your whole life without knowing any of this shit but bleh. You chose to read it yourself. A cookie to whoever's made it all the way here, plus a Special Thank You in my next post if you leave a request for it. And now it's time to say bye bye. So.
Bye bye Zonk.
Ps: Okay, while I was typing this post up, I made a typo of some sort and pressed many keys or something, and this window opened up that I've not seen before. I need to know what it is and how to bring it back. I think I could figure out some stuff on vox that I don't get if I could get what this is. Somebody tell me please.

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