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Think of me God willing

Two, maybe three years ago, a friend of mine came back from a trip to Scotland or England or someplace, with a ring. It was a silver and ancient-looking copy of a ring they’d found at the excavation site of the Rose Theatre, and it says (in old French, I think) –

Think of me God willing.

There are things that simply belong in back then, when couples called each other lover and nobody sniggered at them for it. We don’t talk like that any more, thank god. But what of how pretty it sounded sometimes?
Anyway, I got to wear that ring for an hour or so. And then I had to give it back. And now Goldy’s going to Scotland and I’m hoping he can find it there. A cheap imitation of course, I’d never spend a grand on a ring in forever. Maybe he will find it. Who knows, I might really have it in two weeks :D
Think of me God willing. How morbid and how melancholy. And pretty. I’d think it’s bad luck somehow if someone gives it to you..like think of me god willing because this, or I, will not last. But it can’t be bad luck to give it to yourself.
Pray I find it, Zonk.

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3 thoughts on “Think of me God willing

  1. Ashley says:

    This ring can be found in Stratford, England (Shakespeare’s birthplace). I think it’s about 36 pounds. I have it and wear it every day :)

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