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It's been ages, Zonk, and I have nothing to say but that I've been lazy. And blank and a little hazy.. It's two years since I got done with college; and I fear everyday that when it comes to learning whole new things, it may be already too late. I should have done this 4 years ago. Or last year even. Now is too late Now feels desperate If I flunk this I pretty much flunk life, don't you think. There's only so much time you get for trial and error and turning around. And if at the end of all of that time, you end up somewhere wrong.. you got to stick with it. 

It's hard to feel worthless, Zonk. It's hard to be sitting at home and feeling always that you must make every minute count. It's like a guillotine axed above your head and so much explaining to do..I am a stone full of hurtling and god knows where I'll land. If things don't work out by next year I'll join a publishing house somewhere and proofread other people's novels and check to see that they've spaced their words right. And I wouldn't deserve a thing more. 
But today was not supposed to be bleak. I have 2 or maybe 3 commissions to do now..one big and the others small. And today is July One. Start of 365.
Last week I was on vectortuts, and I was reading this interview with a guy called Matt Lyon who does very prettily coloured artwork (though now that I look at it all again, I seriously like just the main artwork, the others are nice but that one was the thumbnail, which is why the article caught my eye). Anyway, in the interview they mentioned his daily 365 sketching project, and I read it all the way through and I had to steal the idea for myself. He sketched all through 2009. It's simple. One sketch a day, doesn't have to be much. But the point is to draw something everyday, and think how much you'll have to show for the year at the end of 365 days. I was cleaning out my bookshelf a few days ago Zonk, and I found my notebooks from 2 years ago and stuff, with doodle and sketches all over everywhere, and honestly, I used to be disgustingly untalented. If my drawing skills could improve THAT much over the space of a year and a half, lesser even, imagine how much it would help if I worked at it consciously. Another artist whose work reflects this idea: Xiaocaca. Go check it out, Zonk. Xiaocaca's only the coolest artist on dA. Well. Among the coolest. Check out the Grind and Silence Me and Overture. And the insanely photo-realistic portraits. You'd think she was born that way, but I stumbled upon her gallery before she cleaned it up, and there were verry amateur level sketches there. Loads of them. Which only goes to show what practice can do for art. If at the end of one year I'm even a quarter as good as Xiaocaca, I'll be satisfied.
And so I told C about my plan, and he's joined in too, and now we both have brand new sketchbooks and stationery and we're all wired up. I'm going to make my first drawing of 365 right after I sign out of vox. Which only goes to show that even though I'm not here as much these days, it's still where Everything That Counts goes up first. Mind you, the point is not to do awesome artwork everyday, but to do some artwork..masterpiece, doodle whatever. And August One is the first checkpoint. I'll come back here and post the best doodle(s) of the month for you to see. Plus, by August One I'll have a scanner :) 

And now I'm kicked. Keep 365 up and I'll be a good drawer-of-things in time..even if I don't amount to anything. Pray for me Zonk. And for C. We're both lazy, indisciplined people. It's going to be a hard habit to form.

Also, if you have anything that needs praying for, let me know. 


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6 thoughts on “365

  1. That sounds like an awesome idea! I wish you both well!In fact i think I am gonna steal this idea too, One song a day(no matter if it is finely cooked or even as raw as freshly cut meat, i'll do it), pray for me too Zonk.P.S. Productivity you cheeky evasive bastard, We're gonna getcha.

  2. a song a day now That sounds ambitious :D all the best though, its worth a shot! and just PLAYING everyday makes a huge difference too. i know cos i used to be much better when i played a lot everyday. im losing touch with it now i fear..sigh. but on the bright side, i did my day 2 sketch early today morning :)

  3. Are you saying that sketches cannot be as intricate as songs? I beg to differ :D.Yes i know what you mean but isn't that what the 365 is about, being outrageously ambitious so that you atleast get somewhere. I've wasted a lot of time, but no more no more.P.S. Way to go Kirtana !!

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