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How My Day Got Awesome

Some days you wake up to an annoying bad ass sprain that debilitates you and then have a kick ass day. 

Hello Zonk. My day just went from Normal to Awesome. And now, because I have better things to do in exactly one hour and want to read a little before that, I'll skip the nonsense and straightaway make a List Of Reasons Why My Day Got Awesome. 
List of Reasons Why My Day Got Awesome
  1. I Have My Life Back Now: Indeed. It is true. I am no longer a slave to the system. The assignment-demanding, boredom-inducing, Kitu-frustrating unrecognized-by-any-University system. I can't say much here. I have reason to believe that this blog is Tapped. And nevermind that 'tapped' is a term that is largely associated with telephones that have circular turnie dials and many wires. Also nevermind that 'turnie' is not a word. I regularly coin new words. I'm a pastmaster at the art of coining new words. I am a Coiner of Words. I am also pretty sure blogs can be tapped. And you can't question my authority on that because, though you may not have heard about it yet, I'm quite the techie these days. I ink things on Illustrator all the time. *looks smug*
  2. I Have Plans: Indeed. I am yet to execute them, but I do have them all ready to be executed. Heres my plans now–
    (a) Start work on a big canvas commission. For this I have spoke to the client and I meet him tomorrow and I start work day after and I am Kicked.     
    (b) Check out Raffles International. Don't let the name fool you, I did some research and it sounds pretty decent. Tomorrow I go there with C, get their brochures, find out what they need for entrance exams, and ask if they really have twenty entrances a year. This time, I hope I get into the course. Phew. It's not like TISS where I was half hoping I didn't have to end up going. This seems Fun.
    (c) Start drawing practice. This is in spite of the Raffles entrance. I just think I should practice seriously and then I might improve. Someday I might be DA material but fuck that. That will take years.
    (d) Start all points on this list with Indeed.
  3. I jam in a bit: Indeed. I jam in a bit. It is too much to expect elaborate descriptions for each point on my List of Reasons.
  4. I just had a nice time: Indeed. I had an awesome time. I went boating with my mom and Tink, 5 bucks per head for one round of the lake, how cheap is that :) And then we walked home through the deserted Bylanes of Brindaban and had killer kulfi. It was good. 
And so that is how my day turned awesome. 

Love you all :)

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