Vox Imports


I never thought I'd see this someday..

But things happen to people. And so it is that a nobody like me gets to play at Music's most awesome venue. Pease Universe, please let it go well. I have worked hard for it. I've been popping pills for it. I'll be saying No to free Frog alcohol for it. Now that last one is Major. The one time that I can afford alcohol at the Frog (on account of it being free) I say no to it. Only so I don't fuck up too bad. 
If only everybody there is willing to look past voice quality and focus on compositional ability, I'll be somewhat sorted. 'You see, I'm scared no one here will look for me again.' But that doesn't happen does it. Sigh. Anyway. I must go now and see if my pickup's repaired and shell out what little money I have. 
At first the solitude charmed me like a prelude, but so much Music wounded me..'
-Rainer Maria Rilke

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