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How I got an Unexpected Holiday and Felt Awesome

Yehello Zonkness :) 

It's 8 o clock on a Wednesday night and the person in my head that detects my moods is feeling pretty awesome. And so, in keeping with the Rules of Writing This Blog, I'm here to tell you more about the awesome mood I'm in that you're dying to hear all about. I could just plunge in and tell you about it, but seriously, that kind of tell-not-all-ing will only cramp my style. So lets do this one step at a time. 
*settles back in chair*
  • I have been painting a wall in a production house in Dadar for about three weeks now.
  • I'd expected to be done with said wall two weeks ago.
  • Walls are bitches. The look all sweet and trustworthy and I'll-hold-up-the-roof-for-you type, but in reality, the are just waiting for you to start drawing on them, and then rubbing out the drawings, and then realize that the rubber will leave marks on the wall that will not fucking go!
  • At which point you say 'Bleh..big deal. I'll just touch it up with paint!' Right?
  • Wrong. You think you'll touch it up with paint, oh yes you do, but if walls are bitches then emulsion paints are chuts. And unless you put a white base under your purple paint, it will end up looking brown. Well. Almost.
  • So then you decide to shade the living daylights out of the wall to hide the marks, but since emulsion paints are chuts, it all ends up looking like someone took a leak on the wall while you weren't looking. (Now. Jokes apart, I've been thinking, and I've come to the conclusion that maybe it was someone taking a leak on the wall and not the emulsion after all..come to think of it, the Universe seems quite the type to play insensitive pranks involving pee stains and walls..fuck you, Universe.)
  • (Just in case you're listening, Universe, I didn't really mean that *adjusts tie and laughs nervously*)
  • In any case, touching up doesn't work, and so you need to paint the entire background again, around the artwork and everything. 
  • So you proceed to throw away a precious two days on covering an entire wall's worth of artwork in masking tape and pressing it flat with a dysfunctional roller brush. And then you get a functional roller brush and try to paint the whole thing in one go like the painters who renovate your house when your father gets a raise, and then you figure out that its not really easy at all and then you want to sit down and cry or maybe kill someone.
  • But. Because you're a persevering, hard working, never-say-die-type-cliche-quoting individual of commendable valour, you persist and work hard and take risks and paint the fucking thing anyway, and it turns out pretty much awesome. Or atleast it turns out okay, which will do just as well for now.
  • And then, after painting overnight and sleeping three hours, instead of going home in the morning, you paint again so you can finish the day's quota of work, go home and eat chips and watch How I met Your Mother.
And that, my Favourite Person For Wednesdays And Other Unexpected Holidays, is how I got an Unexpected Holiday, which is why I am in an awesome mood today. 
To sum it up, because I'm in an awesome mood today and because it is a good precis writing exercise, I'm in an awesome mood today. Because:
  1. I made a smart decision that gave me an Unexpected Holiday
  2. I did not pass out in the afternoon though I only slept three hours at night cos then I would have woken up feverish and wasted my Unexpected Holiday and not slept well at night.
  3. I can truly say now that my wall is finally almost done. This week, for sure. *falls to floor and weeps in relief*
It has been fun. And now I'm off to watch more HIMYM. 
Baye Zonk :)

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