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Hello Zonk. 

I'm home early today :) Told them I have a creative block and left at six. I pray to god that I always end up with a job where 'creative block' is reason enough to go home. What more can anyone want :)
Now I'm home. And soon it will be time to watch Deathnote. Which is why I'm here in the first place. I was reading the paper this morning, and there was this story about three suicides in the city over one day, and I began to think..what fever is this that everyone seems to be catching. The city's youth dropping like dominoes and all of their own accord. It's absurd, isn't it, to think in terms of 'I'd never' when so many who snapped must have thought it too. Who knows what drives people over the edge. Or if they even make that choice..I doubt there is a Death God playing games with paper and pen. But my point is, deathnote or not, there are those whose fates could lie in our hands. Scary thought, isn't it.. I will leave you tomull. Or not. You do what you want and I'll be off to Dessanoto..

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