Vox Imports

Appeasing the Blog Police

The Blog Police are on my tail so everybody say 'aaaaaaaaaaah!' . (Everybody says 'aaaaaaaaaaah' )

Now look snappy and wash under your fingernails. These Blog Police, they are nutty people, but they care a lot about hygiene I hear. 
So. I've been warned and I've bewared and don't you go correcting my grammar O Sayer of Aaaaaaaaah, just save your breath and say aaaaaaaaaaaah three times more, so They don't say I don't make no noise anymore in cyberspace. I don't I don't but I'm working class hero as of today so what do you expect me to do about that? I don't have the time to troll anymore my sweet. Well. Maybe I'm only a working class hero for 7-10 days but I'm still gonna get into the groove and be dramatic about how busy I am. Because I fucking am. I'm busy as a bee in a bear's basement. It feels awesome. 
So now to tell you about my day, cos I know you're dying to know and too shy to ask. I went to Dadar, dropped a boatload of paints off at that office whose wall I'm painting, then to Bandra to look for fluorescent paints (which I don't think exist, fyi) then back to Dadar, where I climbed up on a narrow glass ledge and painted five hours straight. Now I can't keep my eyes open but I feel so worthful
Also, I did all my travelling by train today. *blinks once, halo appears*
I'm tired, Zonk. I will sleep in an hour at least I think. And I will be back with pictures eventually. Hope it goes well, this wall I'm getting paid for. I cannot fuck it up.
Goodnight sleep tight don't let the Police bite. 

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