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I have been away too long haven't I. It's as I've always said, Zonk…being happy makes us irresponsible. I'v been realizing lately that there is something to be said for practice. If I could sit down everyday and write, and draw, and make music — just maybe three hours of work everyday — wouldn't I be somewhere else by now? 

But I didn't come here to whine, I swear. So I'll get straight to the point. I got my personality assessment results three days ago, according to which I definitely have an Anxiety Disorder with anxiety at 90%. I'm also somewhat Depressive and Negativistic it seems (80%), but that's not a problem so all's well. Plus, I've begun taking B-12 shots, because my B-12 levels are abysmally low. Looks like I should be fine soon. Real real soon. Sounds too simple doesn't it..but I have learned not to question these little chinks of light that leak out from behind my shrink's closed door. Start to do that, and what is there left to pin your faith on? Righting the vitamin levels may not solve everything but it should help a lot, and I think she'll be giving me counselling too. Next time I go there I take a list of situations that make me anxious. I think she'll be working on those then.  
It's all looking up over here, Zonk. As you can tell by how little I've had to say here these days. Alas I am an ill-weather-friend, but you know that I do mean well :)
Update done. I have work to do now. A list to make about all the situations that scare me or have ever scared me.. I think I'll make it here, but this one, I'll be the only one to read. Time to watch Deathnote. I will be back tomorrow. 

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