Vox Imports

Brand new books

There's no milk in the house. I give up. 

Hello Zonk. 

Just got home from town..got tested for B-12 deficiency today, gave my tiny canvas for framing and then went to the Strand book fair. Decent..though my budget was just 400 bucks (wasted 250 more on food I did not even eat..I wish I hadn't ordered it I could have got sweet pajamas then). I got Written on the Body (Jeanette Winterson) and some book called Gabriel's Gift (Hanif Kureishi). I already know the Winterson will be brilliant..I remember how Gut Symmetries had blown me away. The Kureishi sounds promising too.
Got a drop home too. Nice day if you look at it from faraway. But bleh. I don't think I've ever been so moody on a day out. Time to go make tea and start with one of my brand new books. 

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