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I am the lizard king I can do anything

Good morning my Favourite Person For The Time It Takes You To Read This. (Some of you a little longer maybe.) Its a nice day. I feel shiny a little, as you can no doubt tell. Now. In case you're wondering what feeling shiny feels like, I'm okay with giving you a Brief Explanation. So let me know if you're curious, and I'll explain.

(This pattern of dots is to signify Passage of Time. Now you can imagine someone pinged me in the space of that Passed Time and asked for a Brief Explanation.)
(It is also sort of pretty..)
I see you are curious indeed. Or at least, you will be. Let's work with that assumption here, because I have better things to do than blog all day and I can't keep coming back just to add educational edits to posts. And yes, contrary to popular belief I am a very busy person in reality. Now back to being shiny. I know all about that shiny happy people bullshit. But that's just a nonsense phrase and if you ever figure out who came up with it, drop me a line and I'll sort them out. I'm the authority on shiny as of about five minutes ago, you see, so everything you need to know about it is right here, and everything else is a pile of crap. Now feeling shiny is not the same as feeling happy. Its way cooler and a whole lot more badass. Its when you feel like a freshly unwrapped blade. Lean mean and sweet silvereen (I'm sorry I had to rhyme). Buzzing with edge and ready to cut. Extraordinarily purposeful. Like a word starting with Z. (Not Zonk, more like Zing or Zinc. Zonk is more like baffled and sweet and plonking down on something, you get?)
So yes. I feel bladey. Don't mess with me today, Zonk, I think I could be pretttty damn dangerous. 
Why do I feel shiny? Cos I slept well, and I slept easily, and I went to bed at 1 and I didn't have to count the sheep. (I also woke up at 6.30 am and called up Niha so we could go walking, but she didn't wake up so I went back to sleep through no fault of my own.) I'm so kickass. Now I should really plan the rest of the day so I actually have some purpose to feel purposeful about. You see, shiny, as a feeling, is damn easy to lose. 
Plan for Today:
  • Go to Dadar for 2 minute work, be back really soon
  • Buy plec
  • Make music its high time
  • Start on new canvas if possible (this time I think I'll do Glow)
  • Get out of the house cos staying in will invariably wear out the shiny and the happy too, not that I'm endorsing the shit-phrase-inventors. Meet M if possible. 
  • Stay offline as much as possible, cos staying online will also invariably wear out the shiny.
  • Identify other wearers-out of the shiny and list them out on new stationery
  • Which means new stationery must be bought. So, buy new stationery. I think this is getting a little ridiculous now. *scratches stuff out*
  • Practise in front of a mirror for tomorrow's thing at Sheena's. 
  • Make sure Sheena never reads this or suffer for the rest of existence.
  • Go to bed early. Cos I am the lizard king. I can do anything. (Well, not king of course, but no other line fits as perfectly as that. Surely you know who this one comes from, no cookies for guessing this time.)
The key to making a list seem full, Zonk, is to put in as many bullet points as you can. Like so. And not numbers, mind you, bullet points, cos you can't be sure how many there are at a glance. So in your head you go 'Whoa thats a long list!' as opposed to 'Hmm that's 10 points on the list' 
(Okay that example flopped a little, cos 10 is a huge number in itself..numbered points would work in such situations.)
And now I must go take a bath and eat and stuff. I think it will be a good day today after AGES.
Have a nice day, all of you. And me too. 

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