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Note to Self: When bunking a gig, always come up with a good excuse for in case the person calls and says are you coming for the gig. 

Alternatively, do a million mental exercises in order to fine-tune your ability to come up with convincing excuses for every situation no matter how brain dead you are.
Kick to Self: *kicks self*
Yea its a bitchy thing to do and I really would have gone too. I planned to. If Si had come with me I'd have gone. But when did Si ever come through when it involved moving his ass a little..and really I don't want to see anyone else.
Thing is I honestly don't want to spend all night hanging out with people I barely know and really don't want anything to do with today who'll drunk/stoned drive me home at frozen breakneck speeds. Or anybody else for that matter. Plus, I'll finish my painting today for sure, no matter how much I drag it out. Unless I really watch TV a lot. Yes Zonk, the rest of today does look bleak indeed. 
And now I must get back to watching How I Met Your Mother. Which is on Star World all day today till 9:30 p.m., fyi. Go watch its quite nice. 
I'll be back. Writing in between breaks is pretty annoying. 
Damn. My mom's gonna change the channel at 8. But she's watching a fun show too, so I think I'll stick to the screen anyway. 
Be back soon..

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