Vox Imports

Mood swung finally!

Hey hey hey Zonk,

Guess what, I've been painting for a few hours now and I'm a Lot better. Painting is very good distraction :) 
Now. I can't put this one up yet but I really love it so far. Sad thing is, if I continue with it, I might ruin it. But now that I've drawn it already its too late..This is the first time I'm painting for me, and not because I'm being paid for it or photographed. Nobody asked for it. Its fully up to me. Started it two or three days ago, thought it wasn't going too well. I even thought when I started again on it today that I'd throw it away and start over. But I didn't, and I feel happy :)
Pray the rest of it goes well too Zonk. Now I must get back to it. Byebye.

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