Vox Imports


And I am back. I said I would be. My nose shines. I'm waiting for the Adventures of Goldy to stream, part two that is. High time I saw it. In any case, I don't know what to do anymore Zonk. Only today, don't worry, this isn't a regular feature. I think I'll go an paint a bit. Or maybe I'll practice some scales. But the deal is, I need to sleep before my sister gets back today. She'll tell me how low she feels and I'll have to be the sunshine queen. And its cold today isn't it Zonk. My hands feel frozen. And my feet through my socks. Randomly, here's a line from a book I'm reading for th third time now: 

'Out of class I'd try to develop a taste for other literary things like whiskey and cherry cigars.'
– Miss New York Has Everything
Whiskey and cherry cigars.
I'm half way there to being literary :)
I'll be reading another book though now, if I read today. Its getting tiring to type already. I make too many typos– its that kind of day. You won't be able to tell of course, cos I really care about editing my posts. If you find a typo here I'll even give you a cookie, though I am having a typo day. That's how particular I am.
And now you're wondering what the point is of all of this. There is no point, Zonk. There is no point at all. Tomorrow I'll wake up early and go for a walk. I promise myself that. 
Now I'll go look for some Oatmeals. *fingers crossed*

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