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Secrets. And a song.

Every once in a while something comes out of the blue to remind you that there's things you can tell only yourself. Because only you would ever understand. 
I love you, Zonk. And you come closer to being in my own head than most flesh and blood people ever will. But this is where I draw the line. A thing of the mind I cannot tell to those who are almost in it. 
I will leave this song here instead. Its a rough demo, and the girl with the gorgeous voice I wish I could have only got like half an hour to learn it. So the tune is actually slightly different in some places, but it doesn't actually matter. Plus the intro's too fast. It should be way slower but I was hyper. The intro should also be the outro. This is not fully done. 
Anyway. This song I wrote sometime during the first rain last year. While I was reading An Equal Music for the first time. That was a nice time. I don't think I want to explain the song itself..but I will post the lyrics. Except I don't think cyberspace is a safe place to paste your own lyrics in. Specially if you care about them. So I'll make a compromise and paste them in tiny font. Don't tell me that is pointless cos I already know it is and I'm gonna do it anyway. If you know me a little, Zonk, you'll know how much I care about lyrics..
I have never put up my music before. I'm thinking of Yeats now, one particular quote. A cookie to whoever guesses which one. And google won't give you instant answers this time :) In any case. Here it is..
Songwriting Weather

Its been done but
who knows what dead things may come
cos your mind's worn its shoes and gone marching down memory lane
afraid to look up and find out that its too late to pray
for what you gave away
So if its songwriting weather
and looking for something to say

Would you find me
lost and returned and replaced
would you find me
stubbed out not all swept away

And so you find
you'll know what things linger they'll stream from your fingers
and rain-
it washes the dust off these things you don't touch, things that taste
of hurt and defeat, things that Time took and healed 
and what stayed 
is just what
you gave away
So if it's songwriting weather
and you're looking for something to say

Would you find me

lost and returned and replaced
would you find me
stubbed out not all swept away
would you find me, I'm here, I think I'll stay
till such another day.

So if its songwriting weather and you're looking for something to say..

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9 thoughts on “Secrets. And a song.

  1. I really really like the song. The tune is brilliant, and yes, her voice is gorgeous. I have no idea what Yeats quote you might be thinking of but I'm touched that you would write that line just for me.In other news: I'm moving to thane tomorrow, come for the housewarming party :D

  2. also, 'Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams' from He wishes for the cloths of heaven. i really dont like the poem at all. except for this one line. its a good do-not-diss disclaimer :)

  3. For sure. I don't have any other people to chill with in thane yet.P.s. The song is has been stuck in my head for most of today. You should record a complete/final version of it.

  4. :) please feel free to glue it to ur brain. i want to do a final version of it too. the girl stays in kandivli though. and we need to jam long enough that she knows what the song's sposed to be about and stuff. im a little finicky about feel..but ya i do plan to do it sometime.if only i din sound like a squeaky six year old i'd have many songs recorded.stupid Universe :|

  5. Well, I haven't heard you so I'm not gonna say anything. What're the chords though? I'm guessing it's predominantly a B, and there's probably an F# or F#m or something. Or I could be completely wrong coz I can't really guess chords by ear.

  6. crap. now il have to figure out the names..thing is i can play and i can compose, but i know shit about theory. so im never sure what chord im playing and in what scale. i mean i knw basic chord names of cos but not the ones i make up.im pretty sure this is a c major scale..the riff and chorus at least. the verse is mainly some variation of d and some variation of c. the chorus is em, em variation/c variation,d without an f#, c, am. as for exact names..never mind. i have no clue. its a simple progression though in total.

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