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No doubt you're wondering why this post is in a pale butterfly blue. It is because vox sucks and I still don't know what the default font colour is on this blog and I screwed up somewhere. So deal with it. And if there are any typos on this post today, well. Deal with that also. I can't see shit when the font is pale blue and I'm not bored enough to highlight and edit. Sigh.


Hey hey hey! I'm in a hyper mood right now, Zonkling. Not a shit-wtf-is-wrong-with-me type of hyper, more like an okay-i-need-to-make-lists type of hyper. Now if you know me at all, you know how much I love to make lists. The best kinds are the ones you make in neat handwriting with a new pen on fun paper. But since vox has no stationery type facilities I'll just make a more boring bullet-points-in-cyberspace type list. (Fyi, 'type' is the word of the day for today and any other day that anyone might read this. Now encourage each other to use it all day. Thank you.) 

So. I met a "client" today. I love saying "client". It feels so awesomely professional. Its like wearing glares. (For those of you who don't know, I look pretty damn rich when I wear glares. I wish the Universe had given me glares instead of eyes, I'm sure I'd be living it up somewhere if that had happened instead of sitting here in 50-buck boxers and giant guy-clothes.) 
(Just in case the Universe is reading this; I'M KIDDING. I need eyes. I like eyes. They are way cooler than glares. I don't need a swap thank you.)

Now getting back to the topic on hand: Lists..

To-Do List

  1. Finish my sister's wall. High time. HIGH TIME. (Deadline : Friday)
  2. Find a way to get an air-compressor for my new airbrush. I really want to start using it. I think it'll make things simpler.But no way I'll spend 6k on anything. For this I need to look at: (1) local hardware stores (2) balloon wallas (3) AC / fridge repair shops (4) Crawford (5) whatsitsname
  3. Start working on designs for S's wall.
  4. Start on S's wall. (Monday)
  5. Plan S's wall right. That's gonna be the next list so scroll down if you're too impatient to read the rest of this list. Also, get a life. I worry about you, Zonk. Nobody should be this eager to know how I plan somebody's wall. I mean its okay but its a little sad if you really think about it.. 
  6. Keep track of money. I need it now. So I need to know where it all goes to.
  7. Get violin.
  8. Get violin teacher, or fucking teach myself.
  9. In case violin teacher happens, figure out how to fund classes. Turns out nobody's gonna fund it this time. Sigh. 
  10. Get glares.  
  11. Practice wearing glares everyday till nose stops getting tickled.
  12. Work on side sketches for G's bike.
  13. Get a bagful of clothes to Sheena's house.
I think that covers it..if I think of more later, well. That's what the edit button on top is for so no need to hyperventilate about it. 

Planning S's wall list

  1. Money. 
    How much to charge, how and when to bring it up. Shit. I hate this. Now what. I think 10k plus material is a good figure. But these are Broke guys. And I'm a Broke girl. And its a fun project. I need it, I need the money. Last thing I want is to call it off. So maybe I'll suggest this first, and then come down to just 10k overall. Okay. Now lets assume I get 10k. I'll still be kicked enough to sit down and cry a little, cos nobody ever wrote me a check for 10 grand before. But moving on. I have a list of expenses to make from that 10k. That will come up next. Scroll down. But please hope 10k works.
  2. Travel.
    This one's a bitch. I'm thinking it'll take me two weeks max to finish this. It shouldn't, but to be safe, lets say it does. That's say, 10 days. (Of course I'll take holidays.) Now, I have mainly two problems here: (1) Food: I don't want to eat out for 10 days. I can;t very well say I got my own lunch thank you
    everyday to those guys. They are nice, and its rude. But I can't eat out everyday. (2) Crowds: I canNOT travel in crowded trains. I get claustrophobic and panicky. I'm not used to it anymore. So I need to catch off-rushhour trains. That's a little improbable, considering its Dadar we're talking about. 
    So, solution-time. I could eat at home, leave by 11 or 12, get there by 1 or so and start work. Now, coming back is a bitch again. Rush hour won't end till at least 9.30 or 10. By then, assuming I've actually painted all day, I'll be a zombie. But its the best option I have I think. I don't think I can afford an AC bus everyday.
    I wish I lived in town. But I will live with Sheena some days. Bandra is easy to get to.
  3. Work.
    Get the compressor asap and I think I'll be sorted. Have rough sketches by Thursday or Friday, and start work on Monday, and finish it as soon as I can. Note to self : Do
    not shade obsessively, it is wholly unnecessary. 

 How to spend the 10k list

  1. Pay back C for the phone bill – 2k. 
  2. Pay sister little bit for air brush. Maybe. – 1.5k
  3. Compressor cost, I assume its 2k, on account of I will not buy it if its more than 2k – 2k.
  4. Phone bill – 1.5k
SHIT. That's 7k. My sister gets no money then right now. So I'll have 3k left. I need to save to fund violin lessons I think. Unless I don't get into TISS then the money they need to send me there they can use to furnish me with yet another pointless-for-all-practical-purposes skill. I will have a sweet little heap of skills though. I think maybe they will be convinced. 

Now here's a priceless little tip from me, Zonk. Making lists is a damn fun activity, but only if you end up feeling rich at the end of it all. But if it makes you realize you'll have only 3k at the end of a whole long fucking list of things to do, it starts to get mildly annoying. Now to calculate cost of getting to and from Dadar everyday and paints and stuff (though I wasn't planning on making that list and so I won't use any bullet points in order to be faithful to the Plan):

Travel per day:
50 bucks rick to and from station
50 bucks cab to and from wall
16 bucks train ticket (round off to 20)
Travel for 10 days: 1200 bucks

Paints: not more than 1000 bucks, no matter what. Since I'm not paying for the background paint.

Lets not count the Compressor again, its all very cool that I'm making lists but I have a feeling the compressor has figured in more than one by now but I'm as lost as you are at this point, and you don't even need to be here so in case you still are, <3

So. That's about 2.5k more. So I'm left with 500 bucks. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Must. Sort. This. Out.

Now when my sister gets home I'll wear her glares for a bit. Till then I'll zap the skeeters. (Fried 5 while I typed this out fyi, and 2 died simultaneously.)

And now I'm as bored as you are. And a whole lot more disillusioned too. My apologies. But you know you love me Zonk. I know it too. And every once in a while I will take advantage of that fact and make Lists here. 

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