Vox Imports

The blackest blue

What I would give.. 

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4 thoughts on “The blackest blue

  1. Dude! I saw the guitar you painted yesterday. I going to this band Blakc's album launch at this lounge called Kir (which incidentally is also the first part of your name) it was there right outside, looking straight at me, being held by a guy (probably the person you sold it to) showing it off to a couple of girls. I would have gone to take a closer look but he was just putting it back in its cover and I was a little busy trying to finish off some alcohol before I went inside. I also wasn't too much in the mood to go up and talk to strangers.-Zonk'd

  2. Wow. Small world indeed. It's a good thing I didn't go to take a closer look at it because then I would cease to be your nameless faceless cyberspace friend. =)

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