Vox Imports

Some devil, some angel, has got me to the bone..

Few songs depress me like Shine and Some Devil.. Such music. But then Dave Matthews and Alexi are more god than men that way, we've already established that. 

And now it's switched to Where are you Goin..
'' don't hide away, you are like an ocean..I can't see but I can smell and the sound of your waves crashing down…'

A whole day more of perching. I hope tomorrow dawns differently. It wears me out this waiting and this massive hopelessness. And its been going on too long now. And song switched to Dreaming Tree. 'If I had the strength to, I would leave you up, to your own devices..'

And so it is. I should be going now, Zonk. I have a little more work to finish today that I could have finished yesterday and didn't. Goodnight sleep tight don't let the mindrot bite. Step one in that direction: get a happier playlist. Morose, I know. My apologies. I'm in that Mood today, Zonk. Where I want to put off my phone and make music except I'm not feeling creative enough to do that. And I almost never want to put off my phone too. Screw.
I'll be off then. 

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