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Sweatshirt weather

Goodmorning Zonk. I wonder why I'm so spaced out today, and I'd come to a conclusion with lightning speed in most cases of wondering, but being spaced out makes it difficult to wonder why I'm spaced out. Anyway. I'm not even supposed to be here. The Blog Police are on my trail and I need to move suavely through posts and crouch a lot. I'm even wearing a perfectly crafted dark suit right now as we speak. Pity its getting all crumpled cos of my habit of putting my feet up near the keyboard when I type..

*pink panther tune*
Nyaaah. I'm wearing pajamas. Which is what I came to tell you'll in the first place. Its sort of cold today and I'm wearing a sweatshirt at home and that makes me feel really pleased. I love sweatshirt weather. And pajamas-at-home weather. Needless to say, I'm not much to look at during the winter when I'm at home B-)
Now I must go buy ochre paint. Baaaaaaaaye Zonk.

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4 thoughts on “Sweatshirt weather

  1. I saw the pictures of your shoes on facebook, they look awesome. As
    does the guitar, but I can't tell much about that because the pictures
    aren't nice. It's better than what I imagined a painted guitar to look
    like though. I might want something painted by you sometime. I say 'I
    might', because as a matter of principle if I was to own something
    painted I would like to paint it myself, even if I can't really paint. Also, I'm guessing you have more stuff to paint than you can handle.
    It is really nice weather. It sucks to have to go to work on such days.
    But then, it sucks more to have to go to work on rainy days, and it sucks almost as much to go to work on hot days, so maybe the weather's not the problem there.-Your boredest Zonk

  2. I say winter's the best weather to be out in. Pity its not really all that cold here, plus I have nowhere to go anyway..Thank you Zonk :) If you ever want shoes painted, thats handleable, no matter where you're based. (You in bombay?) But a guitar, I need to warn you, the tone alters. Atleast I think it does, spoke to a luthier he said it won't but this one I painted is a GB&A, and though its not mine and I can't be sure, GB&A's sound better usually. So if its a spare guitar or a busted guitar that you want as wall art, thats great, I'll be glad to paint. I'm not working with anyone's only guitar though..anyway the finish won't be factory type. Anything else you can think of that u want painted should be fine by me as long as its not metal or wall :)

  3. Where's the fun in having a painted guitar and not playing it? I have a very cheap, almost broken electric guitar, so you could paint that without worrying about the tone, but then that's not mine and I hardly ever touch it so as I said, what's the fun? Yeah, I am in Bombay (It's amusing that you know nothing about me and I know just about enough about you to have you assassinated) and I work in Thane. Or what I'm convinced is the largest shithole of even Thane. But you really do business in other parts of the world? And yeah, the rains are the best time to do anything in Bombay.

  4. True. And I LIKE not knowing much about people here, something comforting about nameless faceless cyberspace friends :) unless you do assassinate me of course. ps: i like rain but i can't stand the filth!

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